“Although stuff is made either horizontal, vertical or for a purpose to be seen always from one perspective.. doesn’t mean it can’t be more beautiful upside down, sideways or from any kind of angle”

You know, people almost always see things from the same angle.. but have you ever tried seeing things, or trying out stuff, different than what you’re supposed to?  Like sitting upside-down on your couch? Just because it’s designed to sit like we sit most of the times.. doesn’t mean we’re obliged to. And isn’t it fun to see your livingroom upside down? It’s like a whole new world!
When trying out those kind of things, you start to see more beauty and opportunities around you. I like to look up when I walk down a street, or take a closer look at an item and see if I can transform it to something different. A jar doesn’t have to be a jar per se does it? In my home a jar is a candle, planter or fruit juice cup.
What I ‘m trying to say is that I like to think out of the box and recycle. And that’s what I do with my collages. There is no top or bottom, you can choose to see it the way you like. Try and see this page upside down or sideways.
Images are very much disposable these days, there are tons of them. We see them and when there’s a new series of f.e. a clothing season line we forget about the previous ones. I like to reuse and combine these images. Create a new story, make them last longer and therefor in a way get a bit extra respect as well. Recycling is the word!


Collage_Showcases_01-04 Collage_Showcases_01-03 Collage_Showcases_01-02 Collage_Showcases_01-05 Collage_Showcases_01-01

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Lately I’ve updated my portfolio with some new work. Mostly made while working at Superrebel, where I am a junior designer. I think it’s important to keep sharing my work and showing the world or anyone interested what I make and do.
It’s funny how I got rid of a lot of stuff that was in my portfolio that I made either during my study and freelancing and replaced it by much better work. It’s amazing how fast you can learn stuff and I really hope that will keep going on for quite a while because I’m surely not done learning yet! Too eager to just keep working within my own comfort zone I guess.

Well enough of that. Here some of my new projects I designed together with my colleagues at Superrebel.com

Suzannen_Showcase_V1-01 Craze_Showcase_01-01.png PHC_Showcase_V1-02 PHC_Showcase_V1-03 EVO_Showcase_V1-03

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During this summer I worked on a big interior project together with Plywood Constructions and Bonk Breda.  Both company owners build their life project, an indoor skate hall in Breda. It took them over 6 years to get this project to happen and that effort was worth it!

I did the interior design for the restaurant together with Jeroen van Eggermond (Plywood Constructions.) We both agreed we wanted this cafe not only to be a place for skaters to hang. The location has much more potential and so we decided to try and create a place that has a much bigger target-group in which everyone is welcome and wants to come over for a cup of tea, beer, sandwich etc.
I choose to go for a style that is rather industrial and gave it a cosy and feminine touch by adding materials like wood,  colour, plants and accessories. I started off designing the bar and went from there. Most items are vintage and the tables we designed ourselves by recycling materials and products we found while hunting in f.e. thrift stores.

Like to visit the park for a round of skateboarding or maybe a drink and some food -> Veilingkade 12, Breda or check their website www.pier15.nl

Want to know more or interested in getting some interior design done by me? Please give me a shout out!

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

© Max Fransen

photo’s by Max Fransen

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Editorial and Empower! event logo design by me for Gr8 Industries.
In assignment of Schouten Global (Schouten Nelissen) we designed a visual identity and magazine for the Volvo Ocean Race events Empower. More here


SG_Mockup_cover showcase_schouten_pag01 showcase_schouten_pag02 showcase_schouten_pag03 showcase_schouten_pag04

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In continuation of my previous post where I was talking about the rediscovery of chicory and beetroot, I now share with you a gorgeous and healthy salad I’ve put together last week.
So I had those beetroots left in my fridge.. what to do with them? I knew they’re actually really good in combination with a salad and salmon. Got myself a whole bunch of tasteful ingredients and added them all together into a salad.
I really like salt and sweet combined in a dish. To create a nice boost of different tastes, I added some spice and other herbs as well. Eventually my basket was filled with; Apple, radish, beetroot, rocket, lettuce, smoked salmon and walnuts. Gotta say, those ingredients create a gorgeous colourful dish, if this doesn’t look tasteful!? I added a honey, mustard, dille dressing and in less than 10 minutes it was ready to be eaten. There wasn’t a ripe avocado in the store but it would’ve been a nice add too.

Full plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade

Detail plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade
Recipe for 2 persons:

- radish
- rocket
- lettuce, any kind you prefer
- beetroot
- a sweet and soft apple
- smooked or raw salmon
- walnuts

- honey 1 tbsp
- oil 1tbsp
- salt
- pepper
- dille  1/2 tsp
- mustard 1 1tbsp

I’ve cut the apple in small parts and boiled it for a few minutes in water to get them a bit soft. Slice the beetroot and grill it for a few minutes together with the apple. Let it cool off a bit.
Cut the salmon and radish in parts and put in a bowl or on a plate together with a nice amount of rocket, lettuce, walnuts and the grilled apple and beetroot. Crunch the walnuts and spread them on top.
Put all ingredients for the dressing in a bowl or little bottle, stir/shake until oil and the rest are blended nicely together and than spread over the salad.
Easy as that, ready to eat!

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Lately I’ve been trying out some new dishes.
A few weeks ago I was wondering around in the supermarket. A little num after a hard working day I was passing all the vegetables and stopped to walk back and see these beautiful chicories laying there.. I realised I hadn’t cooked chicory in like a year! Such a gorgeous  vegetable.. How could I forget their existence?  I challenged myself and bought a couple of them to make a new dish with.
Now it wouldn’t be me to just cook them with a little sugar and eat them just like that. So I made a nice grilled vegetable plate out of it by adding some pear, red onions, honey, oil, salt and pepper.

It turned out the be very tasteful and certainly am keeping this on my food list. Now I also realised I never ever eat beetroot. I just don’t like it that much I guess.. and you’re not able to find them uncooked/fresh and in other colours that easily. But what if I experiment with that vegi ass well? So I did and added this to the chicory, onion, pear and honey grill plate. A perfect add.

Now when buying a pack of 4 cooked red beetroots.. you’ll have to eat them throughout the few following days, because I’m not gonna put 4 of those in a dish haha.. so I ended up using them in the follow up dishes that week as well and tried out some other new things. Stay tuned for those to be put up on the blog soon as well!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Recipe for 2 persons:

- 2 x chicory
- 1 pear
- 1 big red beetroot
- 1 red onion

- honey (1 table spoon)
- Olive oil (1 table spoon)
- peper
- salt

Make sure you cut out the middle and bottom part of the chicory to prevent it from a strong bitter tast. Wash and cut all leaves through half in the length. Cut all the rest of the veggies in parts and put it all on one plate. Add the honey, oil, salt and pepper and put in the oven for like 20 min on 220 degrees Celsius. You can also grill it in a grill pan, goes a little quicker.

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I love change in my own house.. I try to switch around with the furniture, change the accessories every few weeks or see if I can replace an item that I don’t like that much by something new. And something new doesn’t mean it has the be ‘new’. Actually I like secondhand stuff much more. Though a brand new couch or table would look nice. But I believe a new and modern item like a couch or a table mixed with some secondhand items can probably give you the perfect interior.

I’m changing my interior bit by bit from student like living to an actual house! Last week I got rid of my old desk. I got that one when I was studying and didn’t have money to buy a fancy one but replaced it by something much better.
Now I like a clean and empty desk. Who can work on a messy desk right? Well, I can’t though.. So I went trough my interior moodboards and used these interiors as my inspiration! I’d love to share some of them with you.


source unknown







I actually bought the white desk you see in the pictures here. A drawer on one side just like the first picture and one support leg like in the last 3 pictures. And let me tell you a little secret.. a fancy desk doesn’t have to be super expensive.
Ikea does it.. Easy does it!
Find yourself a cool vintage light and maybe some plants.. and ready to use that gorgeous desk!

Need some more inspiration? Go check out my ‘workspace‘ Pinboard.

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