Sooo.. Christmas and New years eve are coming closer and closer. And that means I’m in search of a nice outfit for those wonderful days and nights. Something chic and stylish, and something that I can wear some other time as well.
First I took a look at my favorite webshops Asos, Topshop and Zara. They actually did not have that many special dresses, but found a few that could be potential dresses for me. The last dress is a piece of the H&M Conscious Collection, saw it hanging in the store and had to try it on! kind of like that one and it fitted perfectly. Guess I just have to stripe down the options till there’s one dress left?!

What’s your favorite one?

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Last week I’ve developed 4 film roles of some analogue camera’s I’ve been using. Some roles were from 2 years back and some I made last weekend at a party.
Awesome to see how they turn out after being developed. Especially the ones that had to wait about 2 years to get developed. This camera has been laying between all my stuff on my desk for a decade and I couldn’t find any time to bring it away. But the good part, it’s a total surprise when you get to see them, because you kind of forget when and where you took the pics. What a great result, and how nice to get all the memories back from that summer in Mimizan and at the Pukkelpop festival – Belgium. The first one is the view from my window in my temporary room I’m now living in for 5 months until August. Cute isn’t it?
The last ones  I made at the Brixton Block Jam. What a madness, what a fun, and what a perfect place to bring your analogue camera with you!

I’m bringing my analogue camera with me to Berlin & Melt festival – Germany, where I’m off to this tuesday with a bunch of friends. And they know how to party! So stay tuned for another role to get developed.
Check my portfolio or Flickr to see the rest of the photo’s.

© by Hyperjulia


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Matta - Release The Freq from Kim Holm on Vimeo.



I found this video while looking on the Blend website. I was very impressed by this work, and couldn’t help myself from sharing it with you all!
The whole video is made by Kim Holm. He is a Norwegian director and designer and works for, the in Oslo based, creative production company ‘Toxic’.

The mood in the video is so nice, great shots and colours! And I really love the fact there are these moving infographics in it. (Some of  you probably know I’m very fond of infographics hihi)
Oh and besides that.. Nice dubstep music too! Never heard of Matta before, but sure will keep listening to it from now on.

Want to see more of his work? check his blog over here to see more of his amazing work (new blog coming up soon)!

sources: Blend.com & Kim Holm on Flickr

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An inspiring short docu about Florence Welch.. also known as the leadsinger of Florence and the Machine

Tabitha Denholm’s “Florence: Letter from LA” is a sunny meditation on pop stardom. It captures Welch during her fall 2010 American tour for her debut album Lungs (which earned her a Best New Artist Grammy nomination). We see the flame-haired British songstress swimming in pools, driving on highways and marveling at the surreal nature of fame and the places it has brought her. “I wanted to record this unique time in Florence’s career because I knew it would be a one-off,” explains Denholm, who co-directed several of Welch’s early music videos with Tom Beard, notably for the single “Rabbit Heart.” This new short film is one in a three-part series collectively titled Letters From America, which also trails Welch to New Orleans and New York. “Florence has this energetic whirlwind side, and then this incredibly quiet introspective side,” Denholm reveals. Welch says she decompressed from touring by taking in the country on foot: “I saw so much beautiful American stuff—the bewitching buildings of New Orleans, a crazy Halloween in Boston. If I wasn’t playing a gig or flying somewhere, I was just walking; constantly lost, constantly overwhelmed by the beauty of what I was seeing.”  She also chilled out to a carefully compiled playlist—check out the soundtrack here.

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En weer een 3e Loos poster. Dit keer een Sci-fi edition. Kom maar op met de UFO’s en aliens.

Na een aantal schetsen gemaakt te hebben, en niet wetende wat voor stijl ik nou zou gebruiken, ging ik vandaag achter mijn bureau zitten en ging er ineens een lampje boven mij  hoofd branden. Papercrafting! iets wat ik nog niet echt gedaan heb, en tijd wordt dat ik dat eens ga doen.

Hieronder een paar foto’s van de rotzooi die ik tot nu toe gemaakt heb!

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Loos in Maaskantje, het thema van de 2e poster voor loos waarbij ik hem meegewerkt.

Deze is samen door mij en Sander gemaakt. Compositie van foto samen gemaakt. Het etiket op het blik door mij, artiesten namen en thema door Sander.

Hieronder een foto, zoals u momenteel door de straten van Tilburg hangt!

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