Loooooove for this shoot!

Amazing styling and such stunning models. You probably recognize the dark guy (Dudley O’Shaughnessy) from the video clip ‘we found love – Rihanna vs Calvin Harris’. In the video clip he has blond hair, which I think looks amazing with his dark skin! About the clip.. you can see it here if you still think, what the h.. are you talking about? Kinda nice video and LOVE the styling and the whole feeling it has/gives you.

NEO2 - November Teaser from saty + pratha on Vimeo.


“Dudley O’Shaughnessy at next london, and Loammi Goetghebeur at premier london, photographed and art directed by Saty + Pratha and styled by Rickardo Mattocks-Maxwell, for the November 2011 issue of NEO2.”

Source: Fucking Young!

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An outfit post with my lovely bike that brings me everywhere in town and a few of my ‘new buys’.
I’m soooo in love with my vintage fur coat, so warm and soft. And talking about that I want to make something clear before I get a lot of negative reactions on the fact that I’m wearing fur. I’m against the fact that animals are being killed for the use of their skins, but the thing is, this coat has probably been made in de 40’s/50’s, it probably has been worn for a very long time and kept someone (or maybe more) warm. I wouldn’t even think about buying a fur coat if it was a brand new one.. but it’s old, vintage, and already on the earth, better wear it and know the animal didn’t died for nothing.

About the lipstick..  I was in search of a very dark brown/purple-ish coloured lipstick, so checked every make-up brand but none that actually fitted my criteria, so after a long search I eventually took a look at one of the most cheapest brands, and found the perfect colour! which kind of surprised me… but perfect when you’re short  by money!

H&M sweater, necklace, headband & striped pantyhose
Vintage fur coat & leather bag (Emmaus)
Sacha biker boots
Catrice lipstick
Mmarlie’s ‘justice’ double ring

Photo’s made by Mmarlie

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© by Hyperjulia

These are the garments I recently bought! So happy with every piece. I was on a shopping diet for 3 months, and finally was able to buy myself some nice clothing again. It was hard not shopping for such a long time, but when you’re actually allowed to go shop it feels much better, and makes you only buy the items you really love and need and not some random items you just like. I think I’m done shopping for this winter again! let’s save some money for my trip after graduating and see if I can make it there.

If you saw my last post, I was (or maybe still am) in search of a dress for Christmas and NYE. The conscious collection dress was in that post as well. I don’t know yet if I’m going to wear this one with NYE but I just loved it so much (love at first sight in the store) I had to buy it anyway. It looks so nice with all the different textures blended together, don’t you think?
The olive/aubergine coloured sweater is so nice. The colour sort of changes in different light, and is made out of nice and heavy fabric.
The two vintage coats and belt I just ran into in the thrift store around the corner. Have been searching for the perfect fur coat for such a long time, and now I was actually past the ideal the have one, I found this coat that fits me perfectly. And it seems to become a harsh and cold winter, so I’m happy I have this super warm coat to get my through the cold days.

What’s your favorite item?

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Sooo.. Christmas and New years eve are coming closer and closer. And that means I’m in search of a nice outfit for those wonderful days and nights. Something chic and stylish, and something that I can wear some other time as well.
First I took a look at my favorite webshops Asos, Topshop and Zara. They actually did not have that many special dresses, but found a few that could be potential dresses for me. The last dress is a piece of the H&M Conscious Collection, saw it hanging in the store and had to try it on! kind of like that one and it fitted perfectly. Guess I just have to stripe down the options till there’s one dress left?!

What’s your favorite one?

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1st of all, I’m back on ‘Bloglovin’ Follow my blog with Bloglovin

This is the second part of my Lookbook for Women. See here the first part.
I’m so inspired by the look of the girl in the first picture on the left. Love the red with black & white, and leather jacket with a leather skirt. Great ensemble. As may have become clear, I love the rock’a’billy look with oversized coats, knitwear, and leather (jackets). The second girl’s oversized coat is sooo cool with the biker boots, so simple but stylish.

Welcome back checkers and Scottish patterns! Love the oversized blazers, worn by the girls under here.

I guess most or at least a lot of  people get a weird look on their face seeing these black-leopard creepers, but I totally love them! As well as the doc.Martens with the over-knee socks. Think I need to win the lottery this month, really have to get these items.

Last, but certainly not least are the hairdo’s.. How I love all those pastel and orange hair colours! If you’d read my last post, I told you about getting my hair dyed a different colour next time (in a few weeks). Well this first image on the right, might give you a hint. Also I’m so fond of the grey-ish/blue hair colours like the bottom images. Together with a beanie, it looks just perfect.

picture sources:  thesartorialist.com – still in berlin – convoy – nsmbl.nl

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When you make a men’s lookbook I guess you should make a women’s lookbook as well. Do I find this inconvenient? No! not at all. Love to save all the stuff I find on the web and search for photo’s and items that reflect my style and are an inspiration to me.

I’m in love with the first 2 pics. The first because of the great combination with the floral print blouse and blazer. Such a great ensemble as well as her hair do, so perfect. The picture next to that one also intrigues me, because of the ‘styled sloppiness’. Love the oversized coat and the messy hairdo with the scarf.

In this post I chose to show many different braids. I love to do many different things with my hair, since it’s quite long and I can do almost everything with it.
In the next post I will show more beanies, scarves and bandana’s around the head, because I love to wear those as well.

picture sources:  thesartorialist.com – nsmbl.nl – still in berlin – convoy

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I created a few outfits on Polyvore that, to me, are perfect for this fall/winter.
Again a lot of black, but I always try to boost it up with a colourful and bright item.
I tried to use items that are not to expensive so it won’t just become a dream to buy and get the outfit, but can actually be affordable for a student like me.
Guess I should really save some money to be able to buy these amazing creeper shoes (1st and 2nd outfit)! Really need to get them. I’m in love with them before I even have them myself.
Ow and the grey blouse in the second outfit is a Monki item, hope I can buy that one as well, together with some silver jewelry. I already have a bordeaux scarf & beanie, black tregging, leather jacket and a tote bag like the rest of the outfit, so easy to create this one after getting that blouse and jewelry.

What would your perfect outfit look like?





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