crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra, blouse, see-through, skirt, maxi, doc martens, docs, nailpolish, Barry M, Cartrice,

crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra

crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra, blouse, see-through, skirt, maxi, doc martens, docs, nailpolish, Barry M, Cartrice, earring, earcuff, jewelry, rings,

nailpolish, nagellak, Barry M, Catrica, ringen, rings, gold, goud, earcuf, earring, oorbel


© Juliette van Oorschot

Maxi skirt, Croptop, Rings, Earcuf, Shirt – H&M
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Necklace – Forever21
Nailpolish – Catrice & Barry M



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#01 Sunset in our new home #02 vintage flower shirt #03 our ‘indoor stairs garden’ is doing pretty well
#04 Fresh salmon with homemade pesto genovese pasta, zucchini, rocket, pine nuts and tomato’s #05 Frank Ocean concert #06 Homemade vegetarian pizza with goatcheese
#07 Bleached my hair, I’m a redhead now! #08 I made indonesian saté and sajoer beans #09 So many b-day’s this month!
#10 Pitch festival #11 the morning after in Amsterdam trying to wake up with a cup of tea #12 ready to chill out in the Westerpark
#13 English Sangria, perfectly fresh and sweet for a summer day  #14 yinyang #15 Organic bracelets


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So I walked around the H&M last week to help a friend find some fun festival clothing. I couldn’t help myself from buying some great basics for this summer.
I though I was done buying stuff for this summer (yes I’m always on a shopping diet). But found these vests (with the black&white pattern).. long, a bit see-through and cheap. I say perfect for a festival when it’s a bit colder at night, it’s folds up to a small package, so easy to put in your bag!
I was actually in search for a pair of white flatforms, but couldn’t find them anymore, so I gave up searching.. But than I ran into these peach/white flatforms, in my size! Perfect, right at the moment I’ve put my hopes on something else. No need for that anymore either I guess.
Now I was collecting an outfit that morning that was suitable for cruising through the city on my skateboard, with a temperature of almost 30°C. I couldn’t find myself a pair of white sport socks at home to wear with these jeans shorts and vans.. Those socks would’ve really ‘finished’ my outfit. And so I guess it was my lucky day, cause I walked into these oldskool kneehigh socks as well! Perfect.
When standing in line of the pay-desk this white cute crop tee was just hanging there with a tag that said €2,95 (no that wasn’t a sale tag). Cool, I like H&M Basics, now I don’t have to cut myself a t-shirt like this anymore!

The secret? Don’t go search for something.. just walk into a store without a purpose, and your day will be so much better when just randomly run into some perfect items.

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

necklace, gold, white, tee, shirt, vest, pattern

shoes, peach, flatforms, gympies

ringen, rings, jewelry, gold, accessories

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

MAC, make-up, lipstick

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje


© Juliette van Oorschot

 Jeans, Croptop, Socks, Vest, Flatforms, Rings, Bracelet – H&M
Lipstick – M.A.C.
Necklace – Claire’s

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bohemian, dress, fashion wooden glasses style, bracelet, glasses, fashion

tree socks

scratch-nails-watermeloncactus, cacti, bag

rings, fashion, hand

Phillip Lim bikini, fashion, stripes

shoes, sandals, fashion

shirt, stripes, croptop

I found and gathered some great items for this summer to share with you!
If only I had the time and money.. these would definitly be part of my wardrobe. And how cute are the socks and the bag right?!

I haven’t been thinking about buying or wearing sandles yet at all since the weather still ins’t that great. I’m still very happy with my Doc Martens, kind of living in those shoes at the moment haha. But seeing these black and gold robust sandles, I get kind of excited. It always feels like a hard job to find the right sandles that match all of your outfits and are actually comfortable. But I guess I should start the hunt for a pair of those soon now.

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Like I said before in a previous post I was going to do some new DIY projects. This is one I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Luckily I found this secondhand jeans jacket and African Vlisco fabric just in a quick hunt last week. Just browsed through Emmaus thrift store and found this grey jeans jacket. I actually already have a few of these jackets, but thought this one actually has a better colour to combine with an ethnic print. And lastly when searching for some sort of African patterned fabric, I came across this Vlisco piece. Never thought I would actually find something I specifically was searching for.

Vlisco is a factory here in the Netherlands that designs and makes fabrics for African countries. It’s high quality and they make the most gorgeous geometric, ethnic and colourful prints and patterns.

Here’s a short photo report of the steps I took while applying the fabric to the back of the jacket.

IMG_9024_v0.1Searching for the right position and piece of the fabric


IMG_9030_v0.1Placing the fabric on the jacket with needles. (tip: point them all in the same direction so you can sew all sides in one go)



IMG_9070_v0.1I’m very satisfied with the end result! What do you think?

© by Juliette van Oorschot


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Only a bit more than a week to go and my festival season starts with the first edition of ‘Best Kept Secret’ festival. That means getting ready and find some fun outfits to dance in! For me festivals are my vacation this year, so I really want to make the best out of it. Let’s hope for a good dose of sun!
What’s your festival season going to be like?






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#09 flair-magazin #10 blogdathassia #11 marieclaire 

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Crop tops, maxi skirts, fruits, prints and hats.. I gathered those colourful and cheering items on my wishlist for this summer. I wear a lot of black, grey and green.. and it’s about time to start wearing some colours and prints again!

Please, please, please make the summer start already.. can’t stand this cold and rain anymore.

ASOS Crop Cami+maxiskirtaztec

Insight Tropico Shirt+Fringedshirt

Minkpink bustier+freakofnature

Viva Vena Pasadena Kimono In Vintage Western Print_gathered


image #1/2/3/4  Asos

PINK CHEVRON PRINT bikini_riverisland

#5 River Island

FLORAL PRINT OPEN BACK VEST_+juicyfruit_topshop


#6 TopshopDalila hat by Brixton

Piper by Brixton


#7/8 Brixton

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