The Fall/Winter collection of Phillip Lim for 2013. The collection goes by the name ‘ Sono Mama’ which means “as you are” in Japanese. A beautiful ensemble of textures, leather, fur and patterns. Sometimes a touch of bright orange or pink, but mostly black, blue and green. The clothes were inspired by racing culture and all of the looks seem perfect and ready for hopping onto a motorcycle right away. They even carried out the theme in the hair so that it looks a bit like ‘helmet hair’. Just a bit messy and flat, but still looking really nice.
I mostly love the fittings/shapes and the use of leather. These models look so tough but elegant at the same time. Totally my style.. and the sun glasses are a really cool add!  Nothing but positive thoughts and good words about this show.
What do you think about this collection?


Carolina Brasch Nielsen at Marilyn – Photography Mark Reay
Yumi Lambert at IMG, @YlaUrMal – Photography Mark Reay


Iris van Berne at Next, @irisvberne – Photography Mark Reay
Nikola at Women – Photography Mark Reay

Lina Zhang at Fusion Photography Mark ReayLina Zhang at Fusion – Photography Mark Reay







last 6 pics © 31philliplim.com – Photography by But-Sou Lai

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 Another weekly inspiration post for realmen featuring Convoy!

 image source: Convoy

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Here it is.. the first outfit shared with you this new year! I thought it was time to show you some nice new items.. and of course some changes like the purple hair I just dyed, the hair cut and the noise ring.

All items here I never shared with you before. I recently bought this coat from Zara. It was a true search to find a coat that was warm, fashionable and ‘me’ at the same time. After a search on the internet without much success it took me a day browsing through all the stores in Eindhoven. I eventually came back for the first coat that caught my eye. And if I’m happy with it? Hell yes, it suits everything and is warm as well.. worth the search for sure.
This army green beanie, as well as a same one I have in dark blue, are two of my favourite items this winter. I love to wear beanies, as you all know! My hair gets a little thin and fluffy in this time of year, so a nice ‘cover-up’ as well haha.

What’s your favourite item of this season?

© Juliette van Oorschot

Zara coat & leggings
H&M vest, shirt, bag and nailpolish
Creeper shoes
New Era beanie/toque
Asos rings

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Another real men post with a bit more of a specific theme.
Backyardbill boys enjoy these nice textures, earth tones and woodchopper accessories.

Sources: Convoy, except for last picture by Alice Mahran
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It’s been quite a while since I posted a wishlist online. I’ve been on a massive shopping diet lately. To be honest, I haven’t put a foot over the doorstep of H&M for like 2 maybe 3 months. I only bought 3 items at Zara because I needed some warm clothing for this winter, but next to that I’ve only spend money on food.
Why? I want to save money for a trip and a new tattoo. And since normally all the money goes to clothing and asseccories I thought it would be smart closing the tap of those costs. I thought it would be hard.. since I’m a shopping addict. But after traveling and being really busy with all kinds of stuff to earn money, I kind of stopt thinking about buying stuff and I don’t have time to visit the centre of the city either.
How? Just don’t walk into a store.. sounds hard but just walk past it and think of all the other things you can do with your money and what you’re it saving for. Avoiding the shopping streets isn’t so hard! Ow and don’t go and visit webshops either!
Today I took a quick look at Asos for some inspiration and made a small wishlist (for Christmas maybe ?). What do you think.. which ones to buy or not to buy?

All items from Asos.com

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As most friends and readers may know, I love beanies.. I wear them myself quit often, and I love them tequally on the heads of men.
Here a few different styles of beanies to inspire you and prepare you for the cold to keep your head warm!

All images found through pinterest.


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It’s freezing cold in our little country.. so I’m in need of a warm winter coat! I collected some coat’s that I thought look pretty warm and nice. Which one to pick?

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