All pictures collected from ‘The Sartorialist’
I was very inspired and surprised by these photo’s I found on the sartorialist. I had no idea how the fashion status was in South Africa.  These pictures made in Johannesburg (except from the last pic) show that they have some serious style!

How amazing the dark pink/purple suit looks on his beautiful and soft dark skin, don’t you think?
The socks plus the colour of the tie and blouse I think are a really cool combination with the suit.

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Another weekly post to show some damn nice male styles for this winter.
From long hair to short but wild hair.. from buns to beanies..  and from caps to sweaters and blouse.
Which style do you like most?

All images found through pinterest.
glamcanyon.com – The Sartorialistscotch-soda.comwitanddelight.tumblr 

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Walking the streets, you might have noticed more and more people are getting a nose piercing.. not only girls, guys as well!
While traveling I met lots of australian guys and half of them already had a nose ring, but the hype is slowly spreading through Europe now as well. I myself got one last year, and like to see some people are joining me in getting one.

I collected some images that might inspire you (or change your opinion about them) oh and the last photo is me hahah..
Would you get one?

 Sources found through Pinterest

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An ensemble of some very nice styled guys. Enjoy these blue jeans blouses, beards, beanies, backpacks… and maybe get a little inspired?

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Amazing animal and tropical prints at Kenzo Spring/Summer 2013 show! Love everything about these designs, the prints with the bright colours, the shapes, the colour combinations..
There were a few items that I wasn’t a big fan of for example the style of the waist belts and the big floppy boots. But next to that this collection is just amazing, colourful, bright, lively, beautiful and cheering.. Very elegant and though at the same time.

photo’s by The Sartorialist


Photo’s by Elle UK

Photo’s by AP

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all images from different blogs (see links by scrolling over pic)

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