As most of you know, I sometimes make pictures at party’s. Well last night, it was my ‘making party-pics night’ again. This time at ‘De Gouden Pot’, a big party in Oirschot (the village I was born). To all the people who were there yesterday.. Hope ya all had fun! I fur sure did.
Well, I couldn’t find any time yet to select and post all the photo’s.. But.. Here’s a sneek preview already. Hope you have some patience cause the photo’s will be posted very soon!

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So here are a few photo’s I made at Hangar 20’s Aerial Club last friday! It was a good party again.. Have to say, I loved those guys from Beat the Bastardz.. They turned it into a great party.
For the ones who want to see the rest of the photo’s.. please check the Aerial Club facebookCursed-P and My Portfolio

– click on the photo to enlarge! –

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Lately I’ve seen some beautiful tattoo’s at several websites and in real life at people’s arms, necks, wrists etc. And I got so inspired that I thought, why not make a blog post about it?!
I’m considering having a tattoo myself, but still need to gain some money for that and want to make sure it really is something I want it to be inked on my body for the rest of my life. If I see someone with an awesome tattoo I get a little jealous that I’m not having one. I especially like tattoo’s at men’s body and sleeves! Whow, If I where a boy, I probably had my arms get tattoo sleeved by now, but I think it’s just a little too radical for a girl to have tattoo sleeves! I love it at other girl’s arm’s but it’s just too much for mine. Here some photo’s with tattoo’s I really love and are an inspiration for me. If I’m getting one myself, I’ll definitely going to post about that. Don’t be afraid, I won’t pick one from a tattoo book or something! A tattoo needs to have some kind of a story.

photo source: ffffound.com

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sources – ffffound.com & the Sartorialist (last one)

Don’t listen to a word you’ve heard
This world is full of strangers this world is full of ‘hypocrites’
Scratching for their winnings at least I am one to admit
Born in a world relying on gold
I’ve yet to find someone under control
People are people and we live for our own
Live how you think not by what you’ve been told

-Justin Nozuka-

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So I told you all I was going to post something about the STRP expo. Today is the day I have just some spare minutes to make a new blogpost, between working on my thesis and graduate project.
I went with Marlie, the day after the M.I.A. concert. The expo was a lot smaller than the years before, that really was bummer, but I think the installations were more fun. You had to do a lot of things your self to find out what the effects and meanings of the installations were.
We went back that night, not to visit the expo but to party (jup, again). Soulwax was playing that evening, together with Goose, Slagsmålsklubben, Zombie Nation and 2 many DJ’s (DJ set of Soulwax). We had suchhhhh a great evening, been a long time since I partied like that :D To bad I haven’t made photo’s that night.
More photo’s will be posted at my portfolio site!

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So I said I was going to a concert of M.I.A. a while ago. Well, it was last Saturday at STRP festival, and is was Awesomeeee!!!
STRP Festival is one of the largest art & technology (e-culture) festivals in Europe, that fuses music, art and technology. STRP stands for Strijp, the name of the industrial part of the city where the STRP Festival is held. The Strijp-S location is a huge industrial area where Philips came up with practically all of its revolutionary inventions during the previous century. This is where the audio cassette, the CD and the video 2000 system were born.
STRP is a festival I really can’t miss, this year was the 3th time I went and it was better than before. A little smaller than the other years, but the interactive installations where awesome. More about that in the next post, inc photo’s.
But I was going to tell you about the concert of M.I.A. Well, I went with my two best girlfriends, Marlie and Esther. Both loving M.I.A. and her music as much as I do. We had a blast, the show was so great. Awesome visuals, great lights, even better outfits, a female DJ (really awesome, wish I was a DJ myself), and male dancers! Sometimes the intro’s of the songs were a bit too long, so it wasn’t very danceable the whole time, but despite that the show was very nice. Maya is such an awesome woman! She jumped of the stage, climbed over the fence and went crowd surfing, really didn’t thought she would do that :D
Oh, and we saw Sleigh Bells too! They where the support act. Love their music, sometimes a bit hard and rocky, but damn their baselines a niceeeee! Only saw them for about 10/15 minutes, so don’t have any photo’s of them unfortunately.

Here some photo’s I made during the concert, they are made with a small digital camera, so they aren’t of best quality.
*Click on the photo’s to enlarge.

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So yesterday I was in Amsterdam for my admission at the AMFI for the minor ‘independent fashion magazines’. I had my appointment at half past 10, I arrived at 12 o’clock! oh em gee.. the train traffic in Holland is a big fail. Instead of traveling 2 hours it took me 3,5 hours! But it was a great day and the sun was shining. After having an intake at the AMFI I’m now officially registered, and can start the minor in February! Me happy.. But I still have to wait for an answer from Istanbul to see which minor I’m going to follow.
After leaving the AMFI, I went to the Waterlooplein (famous because of the secondhand stores and market) It’s secondhand Heaven! :D So much fur coats, great dresses, bags, shoes.. everything. I made a list with things I was allowed to buy, else I would’ve bought everything and I’m short on money, so that would probably turn out wrong.
After searching trough all the stores I settled at the Bagels & Beans to have lunch together with my macbook :P Probably read about that yesterday.. The bagel I ate was the most delicious bagel I ever had! mmmm.. tuna with capers :D after finishing I went to the Nieuwe Hoogstraat, even more second hand stores over there too! Damn I love Amsterdam.

If I’m going to do the minor for real, I probably have to move to Amsterdam! I like that, although I can’t miss my friends and my lovely appartment here in Breda :'(
But If you know someone who has a free room or is searching for someone to come in his/her room, please let me know!

Oh and I’ll show my ‘new’ secondhand buys in the next post!

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