Today Hyperjulia.com celebrates it’s one year existence!
Something that started off as a blog for my internship, but soon transformed to a blog that shows my style, things I’m inspired by, stories and adventures I want to share and stuff I make and do for living.
I didn’t expect it to be a success like this.. I’m surprised by the amount of people that visited my blog this past year… the views reached the 30.000 today! A nice number don’t you think?
Unfortunately I can’t celebrate it with some nice drinks today because I have to work again tomorrow. But I’ll save it for another day/evening this coming week.
I want to thank everybody for the kind comments on my posts and for coming back over and over again! I hope this year is going to be even better. And of course thanx EstherMarlie who took most of the photo’s for my outfit posts, couldn’t be at this point without the help of these ladies :)
I’ve made a selected overview of the looks I’ve posted throughout the 1st year. (click on the images to enlarge)

© By Hyperjulia 2011

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© HyperJulia

Some photo’s of my outfit I was wearing yesterday while having a nice time in the Westerpark, Amsterdam.
Didn’t know there were such beautiful green places in Amsterdam! Great to see they keep the nature in score like this.

This is just one of my ‘it’s a lazy and chill day’ outfit, so nothing very special. Again wearing a jeans indeed.. this time a high waist one. Still have to get used to that feeling, but I guess I’m kinda digging it hihi. I love the wear something in my hair as you see here again.

Vintage Hair scarf
H&M jacket, shirt & jeans
Sacha Boots

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Well.. It’s already been a week since I told you I would post some more pictures made in Mimizan Plage. Haven’t found much time before today since I was moving back in my old studio in Breda and meeting up with friends.
On this lazy sunday, I do not have any excuse to save you from showing my pics.. so here they are! I haven’t made that many shots, since I was quite busy with working at the camp. But I grabbed a few chances to work on my skills like; evening shots without flash – portraits – and different amounts of acerbity depth.

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After trying to upload some pics from Mimizan for a thousand times, I gave up and left the draft for today to finish. So I just got home, after a 3 weeks stay at the O’Neill surf camp. It’s been a while since I blogged so really time to show you some pics. Although it’s a surf camp, I didn’t surf much, since the waves weren’t that great. To bad, because I actually wanted to improve my surf skills. But glad we had some nice longboards so I could surf the streets as well. I’ll show you some more overall pics in the next blog-post. First an outfit post!

I went for a nice dinner at the Pura Vida with Maxime. While walking trough Mimizan-Plage and having a chill session at the beach we made some pics.



Black jeans / See trough top / Glasses – H&M
Jeans jacket – Levis Second Hand (waterlooplein)
Black shoes – Vans
Black library bag – Second Hand (Episode)
Golden watch – Casio
Golden glasses chain – Eye ware store
Red lipstick – MAC

photo’s made by Maxime van Passel


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As obvious I haven’t been spending a lot of time on my blog lately. Since I do not have a real home base at the moment, I’ve been traveling /roaming between Breda and Utrecht the last weeks, spending all my time having fun with friends, hanging out, party-ing, shopping and enjoying all bits of sun that were to enjoy. Today is the day I’m leaving the room in Utrecht I was living in for the last 6 months. So this is the end story of my life in Utrecht (for now, will see if I ever return to this city in maybe a few years). And to make it even more exciting, I’m taking the bus to Mimizan Plage this Friday! I’m again going to work at the O’neill surfcamp for 3 weeks, hoping this time I’ll spend more time on surfing instead of party-ing, drinking and sleeping.

Ow btw, I went to Solar Festival  in Roermond last weekend. I do not have many photo’s to show, since I wasn’t in the mood to make pics but just wanted to have fun. But I can tell you my self… It was funnnnnnn! This festival looks so nice, a lot of energy is spend in the the look and feel of the whole area, all the stage and all the interactive and creative acts/interactive installations etc. One festival to go to for the whole experience and not only the artists. Next to that everybody brought the most weirdest stuff to the festival to cheer the place up even more, people had body paint (as well as we did! hihhi, while chilling in the sand eventually makes you want to paint your own arms as well :D ) where dressed up in the most weirdest ways, and danced their heads and toes off. While dancing in the Rauw & Lauw tent on the beats of Bart B more, I looked up to the stage and all of a sudden there where some sort of Club Kids dancing on the speakers and on the DJ booth. They’re looking ‘Marilyn Manson like’ Gothic and didn’t had the best body shapes for dancers actually. So grows and weird but at the same time soooo cool and over the top! hahaha. That’s Solar, everything is possible and allowed. Well I’m gonna leave you here for now, maybe a post soon from Mimizan Plage if I’m able to get internet!


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Last week I went to Berlin & Melt festival with a lot of friends. Most of them I knew for a few years now, and some I didn’t even speak with before. But guess what? that wasn’t a problem at all. We started of driving to Berlin with 4 cars full of boys and girls. Arriving in Berlin, we had a nice late afternoon lunch and checked in at the Hostel. What’s a better choise than putting all the girls in one  hostel and the boys in the other 4 doors further hostel? No indeed none! So that’s what we did. Ow I realize there actually were 2 boys at our room, but they went to bed when we were almost getting up, so does that count? well further.. To get to know the girls better we went for cocktails and a nice dinner, and if it was fun? hell yeah. Only the start of the evening though.. after finishing and putting on some extra make-up and changing clothes we went to the Mix. This to me was ‘Berlin’.. underground Techno, people dancing weird and toilets without locks. Great first night!

Next day we went for a nice bike ride trough Berlin and had a chill out on the grass in front of the Reichstag. Unfortunately wednesday is not the best day to go out, and most were tired so after some cocktails in the bar all of us together on a way to small table, I went to bed. Thursday was travel day again to get to Melt. That actually went fast, only 2 hours drive. We were so stocked we got our tents up in just a few minutes, so we could have a drink and start a party somewhere. Oh and if there was a party? Just 20 meters away from our tents! great first night and the festival didn’t even start yet. Oke so now the actual Melt! festival. in 1 word. AWESOME. I had such a great time. This Ferropolis terrain on the lake side looked so nice with all the cranes, projections on it, fire cannons, and huge disco balls. Together with very inspiring fashionable people walking around, and the most important factor… music!!

Mennn, I’ve been to many festivals, but this was just such another vibe, but certainly a good one. We could enjoy the sunset and sunrise every evening/night/morning and dance under the full moon on the Master beats of Rusko who danced behind his DJ booth with such energy.. Paul Kalkbrenner with his great beat advancements, Crystal Fighters where we danced our arm and legs off, (what a party that was!!)  Modeselektor with our bare feed in the white sand. Gold Panda, Fritz Kalkbrenner, The Drums, Gui Boratto, The Streets, T.E.E.D., Chase & Status, Errors, Jose Gonzalez, and ending the festival with Calvin Harris. Off course I saw more artists in those 3 days, but these where the best ones to me..

Conclusion.. A week full of  underground Germany, great music, dancing, inspiring street styles, meeting new people and getting to actually know the girls that went with us (thanks for the quality time ladies!)

Well I wish I could go back, but I won’t nag, because this was only the start of my holiday, and I’m going to Solar festival next week.. This time not with 20 friends, but for sure is going to be as much fun with Marlie as well :D

© by Hyperjulia


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A few weeks back I wrote a piece about Little Dragon, after I went to a concert of them in Amsterdam for the ANT fashion magazine blog.
Since I really am inspired by them and can’t stop listening to it, I want to dedicate a post on hyperjulia about them as well.
A few months ago I saw a poster advertising the upcoming show of Little Dragon, excited out of my mind I immediately booked the tickets and began the daily count down to the event. For those who don’t know who Little Dragon is, they are a Swedish electronic music band from Gothenburg.

Leading the band with the incredibly distinct and beautiful vocals is singer Yukimi Nagano, who formed Little Dragon with three of her closest high-school friends. Their sound belongs to the category of unconventional music, playing with style and electronic devices. During this concert she added the element of improvisation by crafting plastic, home made drum pads, giving the sound an interesting edge. During vocal breaks in the songs, Yukimi entertained the crowd with her hypnotic dancing. This captivated and encouraged the audience to join in, completing the transcendent experience.

Humble and cute, Yukimi completed each song by responding to applause with a ‘thank you’. Seeing Little Dragon live truly made the experience unique. The intimate and honest presentation of sound, with an entertaining and passionate performance, left myself, and the entire crowd wanting to say ‘thank you’ as well.

writing: Hyperjulia  – editing: Elyse Moland


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