This upcoming weekend, me and my friends are organizing a ‘garage sale’ in my old empty studio.
When moving you find so much stuff you actually forget about! And why keep it if you actually forgot about it?
For that reason, and since we do not have any room to stall random stuff, we came up with a cozy event to sell our items.

From clothing, to porcelain, to furniture to accessories, shoes and so on.. And lemonade of course!

If you live in Breda or neighborhood, make sure to come by and take a stroll through our little treasures.



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For a new assignment I’m working on posters for the party concept ‘Troppo Casino’. Every month they have 2 editions, 1 in ‘café de Hoogste Tijd’ in Eindhoven and the other in ‘P79’ in Den Bosch. I’m making all the poster for the coming months.

>> UPDATE 03 <<

And made a new poster again. Chose to do something different with the colors. Actually, didn’t use Any. Love to work in the 50’s style and it seems to get easier and easier for me to make it. Really like to work in this style, trying to give it dimensions and make it an exciting design without the use of color!

>> UPDATE 02 <<

Meanwhile I already designed new posters for December and January, time flies when you’re working hard! This time, there’s only a Troppo Casino in P79, so 1 poster each month. I’ve been trying out some new things with the January version. Let me know what you think.

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>> UPDATE  01 <<
November is coming closer and closer, so time for 2 new posters. Although I said they would be in the same style as the previous ones, I did change a lot, but I’m more satisfied about these.

I started off with these 2 and the next posters will come forth out of this design, so they will be in the same style and recognizable for people how have seen them before.

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It’s time for another edition of Hangar 20’s Aerial Club.. and that means new posters and flyers! So I had to get back to work and start creating a new nice creation again.. Well this is the result! See it here for your self.
And Oh.. Make sure you’re there February 18th!

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So, after sketching, one finally became the ‘final’ poster, that of course is going to hang in the streets of Breda. (maybe Tilburg/Eindhoven this time to?)
I’m actually kind of glad with the end result. A whole different style, very simple, and more ‘my’ style compared to the ones I made for Aerial Club #01 and #02.

Poster Aerial Club #03

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I’ve been sketching posters for the next Aerial Club #03. An idea just popped up in my head and I really wanted to work that one out. It’s really different from the posters I made before, but wasn’t satisfied about that style anymore.
I’m now at that point where I have to decide which one we’re going to use.. please help me pick the right one, because I don’t know anymore!

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For my admission on the AMFI  next week, I made a fictitious magazine that shows some of my work and the way I work with photo and typography.  The minor is about ‘independent fashion magazines’ and I thought this would add something good to my work that I’m going to show that day.

Hope you like it!

click here to see the digital version of the magazine –> Aware 01 photo-issue(Just click on the corners to switch pages)
Do you have a small display? this is a smaller version –> Aware 01 photo-issue (small)

Special thanx to Alexander & Rik.

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