With a warm and intense cheer we welcome the dark green and blue colours back inside our interiors! I was never a big fan of blue walls or dark interiors.. but I’ve changed my mind. Turned it around 180 degrees. Now here’s why.. I’ve learned there’s a big difference between the use of bright blue and green and dark natural tones. Indeed ‘natural’ tones are the key. By using these against your walls, floor, ceiling etc you create a neutral base and it’s still possible to make the room feel fresh and cheerfull. Put some different tones or contrast colours next to it and you’ll be surprised of the outcome. Colours like mustard green, gold, pink and red will come to live when placed next to a base like this. A romantic, rich but calm atmosphere will be created by using textures like velvet, cognac coloured leather, retro wooden furniture, shiny gold objects, peacock feathers and plants. It will carry the whole room to the next level.

You could maybe compare it to the bottom-layer of the jungle, which has an intense and diverse pallet of greens. Velvet soft moss, plants and trees, shadow’s and sunlight form a base. Bright coloured animals like birds and tropical flowers turn this into one of the most glorious places on earth. How about turning our interior into a place that looks and feels glorious like that?!

I’ve selected a bunch of images that will make you love the use of dark green and blue shades in your home for sure as well!



www.apartmenttherapy.com_02Source: apartment therapy

https://www.esther.comSource: Esther.com

http-::www.eclectictrends.comSource: Eclectic trends

www.designlovefest.comSource: Designlovefest

www.designattractor.comSource: Designattractor

www.inbe.seSource: Inde.se

www.gravityhome.tumblr.comSource: Gravityhome

http-::girlinthepark.tumblr.comSource: GirlinthePark

http-::frenchbydesignblog.comSource: FrenchyFancy

www.fixaodona.seSource: Fixaodona

http-::decor8blog.comSource: Decor8blog

www.designattractor.comSource: DesignAttractor


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Mixed chairs around the dining table. A thing we’ve seen happening for years now in many homes.. and guess what, I think we can keep doing that for a while if we want. At least I’m not done with it for sure. Here’s why it’s so fun, starting with the amount of gorgeous chairs that exist around this world. I mean my favourite at the moment is the wishbone chair by Hans Wegner but I also really like the DSW Vitra chair, the industrial school chair, the french café chair, the bertoia wire chair.. you get it right? I can’t choose! So why not mix them up all around one table. The second thing, a table looks like a little party with a couple of different chairs around it. Who doesn’t want that? Though make sure it doesn’t become too big of a chaos. Choose to combine chairs that are either made from the same material, style or colour. That way it all blends in and becomes a fantastic chair gathering. Get inspired below..


















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I am a big fan of Lofts. The idea that all rooms in a house are situated in one space gives me a satisfying feeling. Being in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom all at the same time kind of just makes sense to me. I always take my breakfast with me to the bathroom when doing my make-up in the morning, I drink tea wherever I want, which results in finding used mugs and glasses everywhere around the house all the time haha. I change seats while watching a movie all the time just because and the doors to every other rooms are always open. Conclusion, I don’t like small, closed-off spaces. I much more appreciate airy, light spaces and a home should for sure be a place where you’re most comfortable right?

I’ve dedicated this post to show you the most beautiful Loft apartments I’ve came across while browsing the internet and use as inspiration, that reflect my future project or/and just to dream away by. Enjoy!

http://domainehome.com http://em.residencemagazine.se http://imgur.com/a/gV2Tz http://www.designspongeonline.com http://www.designspongeonline.com http://www.designspongeonline.com http://www.flor.com http://www.garancedore.com:fr: http://www.sfgirlbybay.com http://www.sfgirlbybay.com http://www.sfgirlbybay.com http://www.shockblast.net http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/dust-jacket-11619201 http://interiordesignmagazine.tumblr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/dabidabid/
http://stellaharasek.com http://www.frichic.com http://thenletitbe.tumblr.com unknown http://vtwonen.nl http://www.bloodandchampagne.com unknonw


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Ever lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and realise it’s not that much of a great and inspiring view? well.. let’s upgrade! Why not paint your ceiling for a touch of colour instead of the walls. It might not be the first thing to think off. We all know it’s tough work to paint, especially above the head, but it can really upgrade a room. Let’s take a look at some images to see what’s the effect of a painted ceiling.






Black works well when you have a lot of space and a high ceiling. It gives you the illusion the room is a bit more compact.


MIO 163


The beauty of this is that the painted ceiling can give the whole room a gorgeous coloured reflection of the light. This causes a fantastic cozyness. I’m sure the pink ceiling gives the room, and the people in there, a fabulous pink blush glow. Kind of a nice thing in the bedroom not? Don’t we all want to look fabulous in there? ;)

thejungalow.com welke.nl

I think painting the ceiling is  a perfect solution to add a firm dose of colour to your room, without having to paint all the walls, or make it one big colour filled room. The walls stay clean, white and that way you keep it calm. Coloured walls can make placing a closet f.e. a bit harder. It’ll break the line of a wall. Take the one with the olive green ceiling, if you’d paint the wall behind the bed green instead of the ceiling and place the same pink nightstands in front of it together with the macrame wall hanging.. you’ll get a total different look. It’ll be much more of a contrasting and overwhelming appearance. Though, that I’m sure looks really nice as well, where talking about the benefits of the painted ceiling now.



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