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In continuation of my previous post I came up with a second outfit for the #MyVegasStyle challenge.
This time it’s an outfit for a diner date at Javier in the Aria Hotel. I choose a classy but stylish outfit, not too much.
I like putting accents on particular items like shoes and accessories. So I picked a basic tunnel skirt and striped shirt in combination with a pair of robust shoes, aren’t they cool?! I like hats, so why not add that.. ow and I found a cute little  necklace with an Las Vegas hanger, ain’t that cute! To add some colour and a touch of fanciness I added a burgundy, purple lipstick.
Let that dinner date begin!



outfit02_V2Would love to hear you thoughts on the outfit! Would you choose something totally different?

Stay tuned for the 3rd outfit! >> Party in Vegas!

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Recently I was contacted by the Content Director of  Vegas.com asking me and some other bloggers from around the world to curate outfit ideas for those that will be traveling to the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas this summer! A challenge called #MyVegasStyle .. and I accept it.

Now I’m not planning to go to Las Vegas this summer and neither have I been there before, but I did saw a great challenge in thinking of outfits to wear IF I would go there.. which hopefully will happen some day.

So here’s the thing.. I used some creativity and imagination, looked for places I would visit in Las Vegas and came up with 3 outfits.

This first outfit will be ‘Lunch at Lemongrass’.
I chose a basic and not too fancy outfit. A little bit sporty actually with the nikes and bomber jacket.
You know, I won’t be only eating and drinking tea during the day, some gambling, parading and shopping is a must as well, so no high heels yet.
A high waist black skinny jeans, combined with a basic loose falling but sexy top. A striped bomber jacket, black roshe runs and a leather bag. I always cary a big bag around during the day haha. Ok so I added a sportive nixon watch, in combination with golden earcufs, a cute little skull ring and a very subtle choker necklace to give it a bit of a glamorous touch. Added a cool pair of sunglasses and ready to rock I think!



Stay tuned for the other 2 dinner and party outfits as my next posts!

Find out all about the Aria at www.vegas.com/resorts/aria/
Want to share some thoughts about this challenge or my choice of outfits? You’re welcome to comment below :)


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crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra, blouse, see-through, skirt, maxi, doc martens, docs, nailpolish, Barry M, Cartrice,

crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra

crop, top, purple, turquoise, green, forever21, forever, H&M, bra, blouse, see-through, skirt, maxi, doc martens, docs, nailpolish, Barry M, Cartrice, earring, earcuff, jewelry, rings,

nailpolish, nagellak, Barry M, Catrica, ringen, rings, gold, goud, earcuf, earring, oorbel


© Juliette van Oorschot

Maxi skirt, Croptop, Rings, Earcuf, Shirt – H&M
Shoes – Doctor Martens
Necklace – Forever21
Nailpolish – Catrice & Barry M



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So I walked around the H&M last week to help a friend find some fun festival clothing. I couldn’t help myself from buying some great basics for this summer.
I though I was done buying stuff for this summer (yes I’m always on a shopping diet). But found these vests (with the black&white pattern).. long, a bit see-through and cheap. I say perfect for a festival when it’s a bit colder at night, it’s folds up to a small package, so easy to put in your bag!
I was actually in search for a pair of white flatforms, but couldn’t find them anymore, so I gave up searching.. But than I ran into these peach/white flatforms, in my size! Perfect, right at the moment I’ve put my hopes on something else. No need for that anymore either I guess.
Now I was collecting an outfit that morning that was suitable for cruising through the city on my skateboard, with a temperature of almost 30°C. I couldn’t find myself a pair of white sport socks at home to wear with these jeans shorts and vans.. Those socks would’ve really ‘finished’ my outfit. And so I guess it was my lucky day, cause I walked into these oldskool kneehigh socks as well! Perfect.
When standing in line of the pay-desk this white cute crop tee was just hanging there with a tag that said €2,95 (no that wasn’t a sale tag). Cool, I like H&M Basics, now I don’t have to cut myself a t-shirt like this anymore!

The secret? Don’t go search for something.. just walk into a store without a purpose, and your day will be so much better when just randomly run into some perfect items.

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

necklace, gold, white, tee, shirt, vest, pattern

shoes, peach, flatforms, gympies

ringen, rings, jewelry, gold, accessories

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje, shoes, flatforms, schoenen, sokken, sieranden, socks, jewelry, vest, shirt, tee, MAC, make-up, lipstick

MAC, make-up, lipstick

jeans, H&M, navajo, shorts, broekje


© Juliette van Oorschot

 Jeans, Croptop, Socks, Vest, Flatforms, Rings, Bracelet – H&M
Lipstick – M.A.C.
Necklace – Claire’s

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 © Juliette van Oorschot

Vintage Fur coat, Rain boots  & Leather gloves (from my mothers grandma)
Zara Blouse, Sweater & Legging
Monki Bag & Socks
New Era Beanie
Catrice Lipstick

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Here it is.. the first outfit shared with you this new year! I thought it was time to show you some nice new items.. and of course some changes like the purple hair I just dyed, the hair cut and the noise ring.

All items here I never shared with you before. I recently bought this coat from Zara. It was a true search to find a coat that was warm, fashionable and ‘me’ at the same time. After a search on the internet without much success it took me a day browsing through all the stores in Eindhoven. I eventually came back for the first coat that caught my eye. And if I’m happy with it? Hell yes, it suits everything and is warm as well.. worth the search for sure.
This army green beanie, as well as a same one I have in dark blue, are two of my favourite items this winter. I love to wear beanies, as you all know! My hair gets a little thin and fluffy in this time of year, so a nice ‘cover-up’ as well haha.

What’s your favourite item of this season?

© Juliette van Oorschot

Zara coat & leggings
H&M vest, shirt, bag and nailpolish
Creeper shoes
New Era beanie/toque
Asos rings

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Yay, time to celebrate hyperjulia.com’s second anniversary!

As I said just one year back ‘Something that started off as a diary blog for my internship, but soon transformed to a blog that shows my style, things I’m inspired by, stories and adventures I want to share and stuff I make and do for living.’
Throughout the past year stuff has changed a bit. I graduated, been away for 4 months to travel trough South East Asia, and got a small interest shift where fashion has become a more spread thing to me and interior got a bigger accent on my blog.

Views keep rising and more and more people comment mostly in real live about stuff I do, which gives me courage and more drive to share stuff with you! And I couldn’t do this without my dear friends that help me take pictures for my outfit posts.
I made a summary of the moments and outfits that where most important this past year at Hyperjulia.com
And let’s hope for an even better and more successful 3rd year ha? ;)



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