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In continuation of the previous post, this outfit post while having a walk in the forest. An easy and comfy outfit, for a chilly but beautiful day.
H&M – Leather jacket, scarf, trousers, pullover
Vans – shoes

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It’s was time to visit my favourite thrift store again. And like most times, I found some quite nice items to fill my closet with. This past week I found the jeans dress I’m wearing here. I totally love it, so easy to wear! The little light jeans part on the sac with the studs I attached my self, easy to remove again when I’m done with the studs.

Vintage (Emmaus) jeans dress
Bas Kosters library bag
Creeper shoes

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It’s Graphic Design Festival and Breda Photo this month, and so me and my friend went outside to check out some gorgeous photographs exhibited in the Chassé Park. We had some spare time to make a few nice pictures ourselves for this outfit post.
Just bought these green (with a little tint of blue) rib trousers, and I’m telling you, it just feels amazing to wear, so comfy and warm! I’ve been trying out some combinations with different patterns together, what do you think of this one?

My dear friend Godelieve made these pictures © by Hyperjulia

All clothing from H&M
Vans shoes (with a leather laces)
Vintage (Emmaus) leather bag

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Time for some pattern blocking! I kind of forgot this Asos Africa dress. I was in search of a nice vest to wear over the sleeveless blouse, and found this one to wear over it. What do you think?

Photo’s by Michele Brabers © by Hyperjulia

Asos Africa dress/blouse
H&M see through sleeveless blouse
Pieces jeans leggings
Emmaus (vintage) rain boots
Vintage leather handbag
Casio watch

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A daily outfit after my work! It has been a while since I posted an outfit. Working 6 days a week, applying for jobs, and having your own house takes some effort and time. That’s why I don’t have too much time to make outfit posts next to the fact that I of course need one of my friends to help me with making pictures as well.

But anyways.. A friend of me is so nice to borrow me this blouse, I totally love the colour and the fit. I like the fact that it’s slighty big and thus very comfortable.
Glad my pink hair turned a bit more pastel with some colour/satiety differences and is now a little bit more subtile. This is by the way the first time we tried out my new 50mm lens. It’s perfect for blog photography, so happy with it!


Photo’s by Michelle © by Hyperjulia

Piecesjeans leggings
Wrangles blouse
Jack Daniels shirt bought on a market in Bangkok
Vintage leather bag
Casio watch

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© by Hyperjulia

Yay finally some sun in our country, and if we all enjoy this?! You see people in the shortest jeans and skirts everywhere!
A nice and simple outfit for an office day. During the week I have to work and then I prefer wearing long skirts or leggings being inside an air-conditioned office. Here’s an example of what I would wear, this is from last Wednesday, just after work!
I adore this Zara skirt although I don’t wear it too often, but rediscovered it after trying some stuff on last week. Thought I should wear it a bit more since the fabric is so light and it flows really nice in the wind.
The gold chain on my sunglasses I bought in an actual optician/eyewear shop last year.

From tonight on I will be in Mimizan for 2 weeks, so a little less blogging, and a bit more sun, beach, surfing and partying for me!

tanktop & sunglasses
Zara skirt & heels
Vintage belt





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Photo’s taken by Mmarlie

New shoes! Yay, I’ve been craving for these creeper shoes so long, and now I finally have them, makes my wardrobe a little bit more complete.
I’ve been searching for this neon orange nail polish everywhere! They had it in Bali, and painted my nails with it on the beach and I loved it so much that I Had to get it myself here back home. I finally found it in a crappy store with the cheapest nail polish ever.. It’s almost lights up in the dark!
My red M.A.C. lipstick is almost done and so I think it’s time for something lighter and brighter. This is the M.A.C. Vegas Volt, seriously the most brightest lipstick I could find.

H&M sun glasses (Marlie’s blouse)
Asos rings
Vintage (Think Twice) leather jacket
Bas Kosters tote bag
M.A.C. lipstick

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