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I went to my favorite thrift store around the corner here last week, and found this amazing dress or coat? I guess originally it’s supposed to be a dress, but since it’s a little big and long for me, I like it more as a coat. Love the colour, don’t you? And it’s made out of really nice light and quality fabric.

Emmaus (second hand) – Coat & Leather bag
H&M – Sweater, necklace, shoes
Asos – Cross and hippie rings
Bangkok – Skull ring

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While cleaning up my wardrobe, I found some shirts that I actually never wear anymore, but are easy to customize and change. So that’s what I did yesterday. This shirt had a weird length and I wanted to cut it a bit shorter, and than thought it would be nice to add something creative to it.. so this is the result. Cutting the strokes takes a while, but the rest is super easy!

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Leather Jacket – Vintage, Think Twice (antwerp)
Vest, leggings, jeans shorts – H&M

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Time for a new outfit post since I promised I would post one every week, and last week already past, time flies! And promise is promise hey.. hihi
Well, I figured the jacket I’m wearing hasn’t been in an outfit post yet, but I’ve been kind of wearing it a lot this past week and it’s a piece that really reflects my style. So here it is, together with a simple and basic outfit and some silver coloured accessories. The jacket is pretty big and ponderous, which makes me look a bit tinier so I mostly wear it with heels, to add a girly touch. Had to put in some colour though, so I painted my nails in two tones of pink/red.

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H&M – shoes, see trough blouse, vest, necklace & legging
Vintage, Think Twice (Antwerp) – Leather biker jacket
Asos – Rings

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My first outfit post back in The Netherlands. Feels so good to be able to wear al my clothing again! Went for a short shopping round trough the city with Marlie and decided to shoot some pics on our way.

Photo’s by Mmarlie

H&M – black jeans
Vintage – Blouse, sleeve holders & Leather bag
Vans – shoes
Necklace I bought in Vietnam

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I thought it was time to get another outfit post online..
Yesterday was our last evening on Gili Trawangan, and what’s an evening on that island without enjoying the sunset? So that’s what we did.. got dressed, took our camera’s with us, put some mosquito repellant on and went for a walk to enjoy the sun setting in the sea next to Lombok. And how amazing this view was! We finished our evening with a fancy dinner with our feet in the sand, this time enjoying the moonlight. Photo’s of the sunset itself will be online soon in another blogpost.
About the clothing, the skirt I got tailored in Hoi An, Vietnam. I choose for dark blue so I can also wear it during winter time.

Skirt (and belt)- hand tailored at Blue Rose, Hoi An
Shirt, bikini top & glasses – H&M
Sandals – hand made, Chiang Mai
Gold Necklace – Ho Chi Minh City
Gold Bracelets – Bangkok

Photo’s taken by Sue

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My first outfit post while traveling!
It has been to hot to wear actual fashionable a nice clothing for the last two months to get some outfit pictures. Today here in Bali it’s actually kind of cloudy and chilly and my room mate Sue was in to help me getting some pics and so here’s an outfit post finally!
Just bought this dress on the beach. I totally loved the dark green, purple and blue colours tie-dyed together and couldn’t leave it for only €5,- so I bought it. The necklace I found on a market in Saigon. I’ve been searching for big necklaces for like 2 months, and finally found it there! So happy with it.. As well as the silver necklace I bought there, might show that one another time.
The 2 gold bracelets I found at a little stall in Bangkok. They had so many different ones and couldn’t help myself from buying one with my star sign (leo) and one traditional Thai one with bells.
It feels good wearing a dress here! Without wearing any make-up and walking around in swim/surf wear the whole day, you don’t really feel that feminine, so felt good wearing something elegant again.






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FRESCO, murals for the next generation.

Last thursday we went to the opening of the exhibition ‘FRESCO’. Mural paintings for the next generation. A concept that makes these paintings a cultural heritage of Breda. They will stay on the walls for at least 20 years, because in 20 years there will be a re-opening of that same exhibition ‘FRESCO 2032, kwast from the past’. A cool idea right?.. and the result is super nice! All in the choosen colours; black/grey/white and fluorescent orange. Under here some photo’s of the artwork from Breda’s most famous artists Hedof, Rutger Termohlen and Charlotte Apers  (who both also designed a collar for our fashion magazine ‘White Noise‘) . My favorite artists for sure! Love their work.

And ofcourse some (blurry) photo’s of my outfit I wore that evening.

Art Work by: Rutger Termohlen

H&M leather bag, jeans shorty, belt & hat
Vintage Fur coat (emmaus) & 90’s shirt (episode)
Casio watch



Charlotte Apers


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