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Another outfit we shot in the old abandoned house. I choose this outfit, with the pastel colours because I thought it would perfectly fit the environment with the green window casings, yellowish walls, bright lights and retro patterned floor. This, by the way, is an outfit where I feel perfectly comfortable in. The blouse suits with so many different outfits, from chique to rock to hippy as well as the jeans shorts can be worn in so many different ways. And just like I often change style from day to day such items are a must in my wardrobe.

Asos socks
H&M jeans short, sheer blouse, belt & boots
Forever21 top
Hundred Reasons earrings

Photographed by Esther & Mmarlie

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This is the second outfit we shot with Hundred Reasons jewelry. This time together with Esther in her hippy jumpsuit!

Hundred Reasons jewelry – Double silver chain ring, Cross bracelets
H&M – turban & striped pantyhose
Zara – Dress

Hundred Reasons jewelry – Unicorn gold necklace, Bug ring
Primark – Jumpsuit

Photo’s made by Mmarlie


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Grandma shoes and jeans shorts..

Today we had a new photoshoot with jewelry webshop (hundredreasons.nl) owner Melsy and my two best friends Mmarlie and Esther. We found this great room in a very old empty house here in Breda. We all picked a few outfits and some jewelry and helped each other styling our outfits. We are all photography lovers and so the camera went from one to the other while changing outfits, polishing nails, putting on lipstick and so on…
This is the first result of the day… but stay tuned because there’s much more to come! Behind the scenes photo’s, video’s and more outfits!
Ow and this is btw the jeans shorty I was talking about in the previous post.


H&M jeans shorts, sheer top & belt
Asos socks
Vintage (think twice, Antwerp) yellow sweater & shoes
HundredReasons jewelry (hippie necklace, bracelets, double chain ring)

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oeps… bought another dress again… My plan was to buy a vase (for the flowers I got from my grandma) in the secondhand store, but found this amazing 50’s dress and leather suitcase. And like I said before, their prices are so low, I couldn’t resist buying them. Ow, I of course did buy a vase as well hihihi.

It’s a whole different style from what I normally wear, but I felt so elegant in this dress but in a way sort of feministic too. The quality is super btw, made from 100% pure wool.  Going to make it a bit shorter though, because it makes me look a bit short with this length. What do you think? Would you wear it?

Vintage (Emmaus) Dress
H&M Boots & Trend Bag
Asos crow ring

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Trying out a 50mm lens on my camera here. Photographed for LeScratch that night, but forgot to post my own outfit photo’s.
So here still a few made trough the mirror.
About the lens btw. It has its negative and positive points. The results of the photo’s where quite nice (you can see them here) but with the constant change of lights, and the permanent distance you have to take, it was quite hard. You can’t zoom in or out, so that has its negative points when making party pics. But it is a nice lens for making blog pics, like detail photo’s and outfits, where you have the space and freedom to get the best distance to make the perfect picture.

H&M – Deer pattern blouse & beanie
Casio  – Watch

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Yeah, finally have my Asos order.
After waiting for 3 weeks, and getting stressed thinking I wasn’t getting it anymore.. my neighbor knocked on my door this morning. With my package in his hands! They delivered it 3 weeks ago on the wrong address! Well I was off course mad, but happy at the same time. I have my dress! And I had to make an outfit post with it right away.

I actually ordered the dress in a different colour, but this one came out of the package. Guess the other one was out-of-order, and now they’re both, so can’t switch it anymore. But kinda like it in these colours well, so I’m keeping it :)
Ow, and the 3 rings I’m wearing where with this order as well. And some over knee socks, but will show them in a next post.

Photo’s made by Mmarlie

Asos Africa dress/blouse – crow ring – hippie & justice ring
H&M leggings – shoes – belt



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I’m not a religious person, so Christmas to me is more about spending time with my parents, sister, family and friends. And time to dress up! So I bought this dress, with see-through, suede and leather accents. What are you wearing this Christmas?

H&M Trend Dress
H&M wedges, necklace

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