We do not have to stick to the kitchy, shiny or ritual decorations for Christmas at all.
So easy to make something yourself, no need for expensive glass or crystal christmas balls at all!
See here some other diy’s and cute decoration ideas for the home this coming holiday.


#01 cherry-blossom-world

pikkuvarpunen.blogspot.fi#02 pikkuvarpunen

www.etsy.com/shop/FlaneursPocket?ref=l2-shopheader-name#03 Etsy – FlaneursPocket 

www.simpleasthatblog.com#04 simpleasthatblog

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion#05 thesweetestoccasion

DIY with the Sweetest Occasion
#06 thesweetestoccasion

www.welke.nl/photo/suuuzann#07 welke 


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Not in the mood for a real christmas tree.. allergic, too traditional or maybe just no time?

Here’s some super nice solutions to decorate your house for Christmas without a real tree!
Little branches, painted branch ends, 
paper folded trees, posters perfect replacements.
I actually like this even more than the traditional trees to be honest. Get inspired! 

unknown source 01#01









#02 dansunpetitvillage #03 elisabethheier #04 themerrythought.com #05 gardenista #06 pikkuvarpunen #07 self-service #08 bijzondermooi

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I’m working on some small projects back at home in my spare time.
These are a few things I want to get done, I’m working on and diy’s I’ve finished over the last weeks.

These little hanging ‘macrame’ pots are so cute. I’ll go try to make like 3 or 5 myself to hang in my bedroom.


By woonschrift


by Wit & Whistle

I’m working on some tote bags myself. Just as small gifts for friends or to use as grocery bags etc.
I think they’re the most handy bags in the world! And so easy to make. Just buy a fabric pencil and draw something cool on it!


by One And The Same NYC


by Leifshop

This Vlisco wax print bag I made myself. I still had some fabric left from the jeans jacket diy I did a while ago.
It was precisely enough to make this bag out of it, and I recycled a pair of shoulder straps from another bag to finish it.

sewing totebag_JuliusHollandWax



wearing totebag_JuliusHollandWax
© by Juliette van Oorschot

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2013-08-05 15.58.56

2013-08-05 16.01.19

2013-08-05 16.22.46

2013-08-09 17.04.59-1

2013-08-09 17.09.00-1

2013-08-10 10.06.12

A few weeks ago I DIY’ed my own party decoration. It was just a small b-day party, but wanted to cheer up the place a bit. So I decided to buy some crepe paper, coloured carton, string-rope and used some glue and scissors. In a couple hours of cutting triangles, creating the fringes and watching series at the same time I was done making these easy decorations! And it’s very low on costs as well! perfect for students or small party’s.
I twisted the streamers and fringes around some carton cards afterwards, so I can use them again another time. I forgot to take photo’s of the streamers hanging, not really smart of me! But I made 3 streamers of different lengths, tied the ends together so they made a bow of 3 lines under each other. They looked really cute.



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A party is not a party without great people, music and some booze. But we should not forget the styling as well!
People entering a party of which the enviroment already looks great and cheerfull for sure will get in the mood just a bit more.. right? At least I think it’s a part of it.
Next month I will throw myself a party for my b-day so that’s a good reason to browse for some cool ideas.
It’s actually so easy to cheer up the place with some, flowers, fabric, lace, or paper DIY’s. I’m getting so excited to do some DIY’s myself now!
I think when throwing a party outside, the key is to just hang lights or strings in the air. For example from tree to tree.. or like the trees tight to the tables with candles hanging from the branches (#10). It creates a coherent and cozy feeling to the area your party is held.
Some snacks are a good add to the party as well right? My next task.. pick some easy snacks to prepare for the guests. Stay tuned!




 #01-02-03 anthropologie #04-05 ruffledblog #06 joythebaker #07  alanajonesmann #08 amyatlas #09 #10 theyallhateus #11 ohhappyday #12 designlovefest

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Like I said before in a previous post I was going to do some new DIY projects. This is one I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Luckily I found this secondhand jeans jacket and African Vlisco fabric just in a quick hunt last week. Just browsed through Emmaus thrift store and found this grey jeans jacket. I actually already have a few of these jackets, but thought this one actually has a better colour to combine with an ethnic print. And lastly when searching for some sort of African patterned fabric, I came across this Vlisco piece. Never thought I would actually find something I specifically was searching for.

Vlisco is a factory here in the Netherlands that designs and makes fabrics for African countries. It’s high quality and they make the most gorgeous geometric, ethnic and colourful prints and patterns.

Here’s a short photo report of the steps I took while applying the fabric to the back of the jacket.

IMG_9024_v0.1Searching for the right position and piece of the fabric


IMG_9030_v0.1Placing the fabric on the jacket with needles. (tip: point them all in the same direction so you can sew all sides in one go)



IMG_9070_v0.1I’m very satisfied with the end result! What do you think?

© by Juliette van Oorschot


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Last Thursday I randomly had a morning and afternoon off. I mostly work during the whole week, so when finding out I had a free day I thought.. “what the h* am I going to do!”
Well I woke up early because of the bright sunbeams shining on my face. Started off with some exercises and a healthy smoothie breakfast. Finding myself cleaning the house after that and decided I should go and finally buy myself some stuff at IKEA. So that’s what I did. Jumped on my bike and after a 15 minutes bike ride, I walked through an almost empty store and got myself those tiny cacti plants I’ve been wanting to have for so long! Ow and a tobacco plant with the height of more than a meter.. jup I managed to get it all save home by bike. I can tell, it was fun riding my bike, the plant blocking the view a bit, but ow did I feel like mother earth haha. Anyways, I’m happy with my new plants like a little child with a new toy.
I recently bought myself some vintage tins, already thinking about filling those with cactuses. Found them all at a second hand night market. An events that takes place once a year in Tilburg, and manages the whole city centre to be full of people selling their stuff on the streets. A great concept for a night out with friends for sure!
Planting the cacti left me with some needles in my hands though but guess that’s part of the deal right! And to finish my afternoon off, I had a nice chill session at the city park. Days like this make me happy!

2013-06-06 12.36.18_small








me in the park

© Juliette van Oorschot

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