It was time for a change and I’ve been craving to dye my hair for so long already.. Well friday it was finally the day I had some free time and my friend was able to help me with dying. We went to the hairdresser first to get rid of the dead ends. Second we bleached the bottom half part out and after 30 min of waiting my hair was as white as a blond Barbie! Another 30 minutes later my ends were PINK! In total it took us max like 1,5 hour to get it cut, bleached and dyed ourselves and it’s like 10 times cheaper doing it yourself.
Although it should have become dark red/pink like cherries.. I still like the outcome. It get’s lighter every time you was your hair, so next week it’s probably going to be a nice pastel pink. For now I’m the light in the darkness while biking trough the streets during night-time haha.
More and better photo’s soon this week in an outfit post!

Photo above taken by Mmarlie

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I haven’t been able to paint my nails while traveling, and I can tell you, I missed it! I really looked forward back there to paint my nails again when back home.. so that’s what I did right away. And during this past week, I played around with some colour combinations and different styles. Unfortunately I didn’t have any tape, so I had to do it free hand.. so it’s not perfectly neat.



© by Hyperjulia

Light turquoise – Barry M
Darker turquoise – Catrice
Pink & burgundy – H&M
(Rings – Asos)

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While cleaning up my wardrobe, I found some shirts that I actually never wear anymore, but are easy to customize and change. So that’s what I did yesterday. This shirt had a weird length and I wanted to cut it a bit shorter, and than thought it would be nice to add something creative to it.. so this is the result. Cutting the strokes takes a while, but the rest is super easy!

© by Hyperjulia

Leather Jacket – Vintage, Think Twice (antwerp)
Vest, leggings, jeans shorts – H&M

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