My first outfit post while traveling!
It has been to hot to wear actual fashionable a nice clothing for the last two months to get some outfit pictures. Today here in Bali it’s actually kind of cloudy and chilly and my room mate Sue was in to help me getting some pics and so here’s an outfit post finally!
Just bought this dress on the beach. I totally loved the dark green, purple and blue colours tie-dyed together and couldn’t leave it for only €5,- so I bought it. The necklace I found on a market in Saigon. I’ve been searching for big necklaces for like 2 months, and finally found it there! So happy with it.. As well as the silver necklace I bought there, might show that one another time.
The 2 gold bracelets I found at a little stall in Bangkok. They had so many different ones and couldn’t help myself from buying one with my star sign (leo) and one traditional Thai one with bells.
It feels good wearing a dress here! Without wearing any make-up and walking around in swim/surf wear the whole day, you don’t really feel that feminine, so felt good wearing something elegant again.






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So although I’ve tried to write this story 2 times before as well (it keeps disappearing!) I’m going to try and do it a 3rd time.
After about a week in Phnom Penn of hanging on the couch and in a swimming pool I took off to Siem Reap. I stayed here with a Louise who I met in Phnom Penn earlier. Obviously you go and visit the Angkor Wat if you’re in Siem Reap and so we started off with a sunset visit on the highest temple. The next day we went for sunrise around 5.30 and our TukTuk driver drove us to the less touristy temples, which was really nice since it was still cool in the morning and there was actually hardly nobody but us. The 3rd day we decided to get bikes and drive around there by our selves. It’s a nice drive to the park, but as a Dutchie I can say… Asian aren’t the best bike designers! We had sour asses for like 3 days haha. But it was worth it to see the Angkor Wat itself and the Angkor Tomb which was even more beautiful. I have to say this was one of the most funniest days I’ve had on my trip. Louise was still half drunk from the night before and I’m pretty clumsy which made us laugh constantly. At one point I saw this big elephant statue which I was determent about to sit on. I jumped on there from a wall and stood on it for a while, only getting off the elephant was another story! It was based pretty high from the floor on another wall, and since I didn’t want to break my legs yet I took me like 10 min to find a way to get on the ground again. Hilarious, especially if the others are taking pictures of you instead of helping you.
Siem Reap itself was really nice as well. Had some fun nights out and the village is pretty cozy.

After Siem Reap I packed my stuff to go to Koh Chang, a small Island under the mainland of Thailand. A bus ride that lasted 14 hours instead of 10 having me waiting on my own in the middle of nowhere to be picked up by another random mini van there again, but eventually got there before midnight. Getting up the next morning I found out the village is right next to the beach! I had a really great time here chilling on the beach, driving around on the motorbike seeing elephants on the sides of the streets and going out at night. A band used to play every night, I participated on my last evening as well with a few songs. Conclusion of Koh Chang, lots of fun and chilling time.

From there I went to Bangkok which was actually just an in-between stop to get my flight to Bali. I’ve started off my trip in Bangkok and at that time I was totally culture shocked so I hoped I would like the city more now I’m all used to the culture, people etc. but I have to say I still don’t really like it that much. So warm, hectic and stressfull that I was glad to get on my plane just in time and fly off to Bali where I am right now.

Stayed in Kuta one night and already had 2 surf session on the day I got there, pretty nice! the next day I fixed a motorbike to rent and drove off to Padang Padang with my backpack. It’s way different from what I accepted the place to be, but it’s nice. Rented myself a (little crappy) board for now, but in search of a board to buy for myself. Haven’t found the perfect board yet, so I’ll further my search maybe today or tomorrow.

Well it’s 8.30 in the morning now, time to go to the beach..

Under here some photo’s I took the last 2 weeks


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Bitter for everything horrible that happened here in cambodia, only 30 years back. So many innocent people got killed and thrown into mass graves.
But sweet for the beauty of Cambodia, my well spent time, meeting great new people and all great experiences.

These are photo’s I took at the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh and the local market around the corner of our hostel.
I wrote a short piece about the visit and my experiences in Phnom Penh earlier, but it’s gone now?! Weird, but not in the mood to try and write it again. But do want to share those photo’s with you, especially the first ones. Since that day and the visit to the killing fields made a big impact on me.








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Writing from Cambodia right now, with Ben Howard trough my earphones, rain outside and surrounded by people reading books or skyping with friends and family.
Left Vietnam behind me last friday morning (27th).
3 days back I left Saigon and my backpacker friends form California, Mexico and Denmark, to visit Can Tho, a city in the Mekong Delta. I took a local bus, found a cheap guesthouse after some help from a local, and went for a walk trough the city. Had some gin-tonics in the evening with an English/Malaysian guy and an English backpacker. The next morning I got up at 5 in the morning to get on a little boat to visit the floating market, a rice noodle factory and back trough the little canals. Absolutely stunning, and really relaxing!
My plan was to take a bus from there to the border, Chau Doc, and get a boat from there to Phnom Penh, but unfortunately that was way to expensive, so took the cheaper solution and went back to Saigon for 1 more night. Although the travel and sitting in a bus is easy (but really boring without Ipod, jup lost my earplugs) it wasn’t much fun. Getting off the bus and instantly being attacked by taxi motorbike drivers is kind of normal here. Although this time it was a bit freighting. I was circled, wasn’t able to grab my backpack and put it on my back. The taxi drivers grabbed my bag and tried to get it to their motorbikes. After a while of cursing and pushing the drivers away I got to my bag. A local came up to me and yelled I had to get on some shuttle bus… jumped in and took off. Later a guy on the bus apologized and told me he was afraid of the taxi drivers as well and therefor didn’t help me when I was circled. He fixed me a cheap motorbike taxi at the next stop that brought me to the hostel.
And so from there I took the bus to Phnom Penh the next morning. And as many times said before, it never goes without flaws. AGAIN. This time trouble with money, and ended up not getting my passport back from this really stubborn and mean guy. Eventually after screaming and cursing to each other, a really nice french lady helped me out with dollars and got the passport. Wow that raised my stress level to red… Seriously fed up with the scams and corruption here! Maybe I’ll just leave sooner than my plan, and just go to Indonesia earlier, hiding on the beach and in the water from all that rubbish.
Right now I’m just hanging around in the lobby of the hostel. The rain season has started and so most afternoons are rainy. It’s kind of cozy here though with couches in the lobby and people just chilling out here, so I’m most of the time in good company.







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Asian people where staring at us from the outside like we where monkeys…

We reached another busy city, just like Bangkok and Han Oi.. Saigon. The correct name for the city now is Ho Chi Minh City, named after their ‘hero’, when the war ended. But I prefer Saigon, little shorter and easier hihi.
So we arrived in Saigon 2 days back with the sleeper bus, which again was a nightmare. Shouldn’t go on an 11hr during bus ride when you’re still sick but ok. Again survived it and caught up some sleep in the morning in our 9 bed dorm (with a really nice seat, 2 showers and much more).
Saigon on a sunday is nice. Not that much traffic, not that many stalls and people on the street… But that certainly is different on normal weeks day like this monday. And so we went for a very long walk from district 1 to Chinatown, and that didn’t go without flaws. Actually the day already started off weird. I wanted to get some breakfast, but when I came down and wanted to leave the hotel, the gates where locked. No idea what was going, there wasn’t any other way to get out of the hotel, so guess I just had to wait. Asian people where staring at us from the outside like we where monkeys, and after 10 min our hotel boss (which for sure isn’t the most nicest woman) returned with a big smile on her face. She just went for some groceries, and couldn’t care about us having to go somewhere, so she just thought she could lock us in….. Well alright?!
Had some breakfast eventually and went for the walk to Chinatown as I said before. Crossing the streets here isn’t as easy as in Europe or western countries at least. They do have crosswalks, but nobody stops for them if you want to cross, even if you’re already on the middle of the street. So with millions of motorbikes and taxi’s driving like fools on the road, you have to find the perfect moment to cross, or just walk.. ‘the Amalie’ method. And that sometimes doesn’t really work. The first big flaw, were 2 guys on a motorbike trying to steal Amalie’s bag. They did grab it, but she was stronger, “M*ther f*cker”. Flaw number one. Than when we almost reached the market in Chinatown, we had to cross one more road. Amalie as the first to cross, steps on the road an instantly hits a motorbike driver, and both end up laying on the street. Well eventually, nobody was hurt or wounded and the motorbike still worked, so survived flaw number two.
Had lunch at KFC, omg my first KFC burger in my life, and the first junkfood in 1,5 month. And of course wondered around the market in Chinatown, which eventually just was another market like you have them everywhere, with pilled up shoes, clothing, towels, food… and rats.

I haven’t been talking many pictures here in this city unfortunately, because I don’t feel really save walking around with my SLR on the street. So just took it with me for 1 day.

Today, we’re just going to wonder around another market again, to find some souvenirs. Saw some really nice big necklaces, where I’ve been searching for from day 1 of my trip, so really need to get myself one of those.
Leaving Saigon tomorrow morning to head to the Mekong Delta, and than have to hurry to Cambodia because my visa runs out in 5 days!





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After some quality -beach, eating, tailoring, sunbathing, sleeping and wondering around – time, we left Hoi An after 5 days. With pain in our hearts, because we all loved this town very much. Unfortunately, the rest of Vietnam isn’t like this, so we had to get back into the towns and cities stuffed with motorbikes, cars and street sellers again.
And so we took the sleeper bus to Nha Trang. Well not much sleeping for me because of the bumby roads that kept launching me in the air. But well and awake around 5 in the morning, looking out the window while the sun was rising, I’ve absolutely seen the most beautiful landscapes and scenery. Endless rice-fields, crowds of fishermen boats, small fruit markets, clouds covering the tops of the mountains, funny looking huts and so on.
I expected Nha Trang to be a village with the most beautiful beach of Vietnam and some nice bars, but it’s not. Well it does have a ‘nice’ beach and bars, but it’s big! And it has loads of hotels, skyscrapers and not that much cultural stuff to see actually.
The first day started off quite well, had some nice beach time in the morning, wondered around in the afternoon and went for drinks, where I ended up dancing and getting free drinks all night long, forgetting I had to get up again at 8 in the morning again for a ‘booze cruise’. Well a booze cruise from 8.30 to 4.30 can’t be really a ‘booze cruise’ as we expected. We did have some nice (hungover) time, snorkeling, sleeping on the beach, jumping off the boat, and getting a private concert by Asians dressed up as lady boys, and weird dancing Russian women. But unfortunately the fun ended after lunch when I was getting (sea)sick, and eventually ended up having a bad fever. So from 2 days back until now, I’m skipping the free buckets, cocktails, shots and sunbathing time and unfortunately have to trade it for eating bread with jam (yes as dinner), salads and my bunk bed from where I’m writing this right now. It wasn’t my plan to stay in Nha Trang for more than 2 nights, but didn’t think it was a good idea to get on a bus to Saigon for 11 hours this night while style having stomach aches, head aches and fever. So taking the bus tomorrow evening and just keep hanging and sleeping around here in Nha Trang and hopefully feel better tomorrow!
Found out today that I only have 9 days left on my 30 days visa (wow, my plan was to be here for 2/3 weeks, but it’s going to be almost a month eventually). So Saigon is still on the planning to visit next (had to skip Dalat as next destination) and than probably one village in the Mekong Delta and than have to move on Cambodia (yeah, looking forward to that as well!)

Some party pics from Hoi An


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Love at first sight when entering this city in the ‘old town’. Wondered around the first day to look around for some nice souvenirs, hand made and tailored clothing and food. What a great place. It’s peaceful, quite, charming, colourfull and just lovely. No busy traffic anywhere here, just a few motorbikes and some bicycles that’s all. There’s music on the street, it’s next to the sea river with cute little restaurants and boats. The beach is only a 15min bike ride away, and so we went there yesterday on our 1$ bikes with our hotel towels and banana’s. Wow, this beach must be the beach they use for the wallpapers everywhere, so white and clean, white palm-trees and bright green/blue water.
After 2 days of shopping, eating, wondering around and biking, it was time for some action and sight seeing again. So we went to the Marble Mountains.
They used to be the mountains where they got the marble stone from for the buddha statues etc, but it became popular under tourists to visit, so these days they just get the marble from China (haha, yeah cheaters). But, they made a good choice stopping to get the marble from these mountains, because it absolutely gorgeous here! On the biggest mountain, there are many buddha’s in and outside the small but beautiful caves, little temples, pagoda’s and stupas. The view from the top was just amazing! Looking out over Danang, the beach and carst mountains in the sea.
Totally saturated by everything we saw, we went back to get a bike again and hang out at the beach. Later the evening I tried out the skirt and top I got myself tailored in one of the shops here. Hope it’s going to be perfect!

*update* the skirt and top are perfect! So maybe I’ll try to get some outfit photo’s and make an outfit post soon.











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