I missed something in my home. Candles it where.

How to make you own hang candles by using jars? Well I will tell you. A while back I was thinking about the fact that I missed something in my home. Candles it where. But since I don’t want to spend much money on that sort of things, I decided to save all my jars. From jam, to apple-compote and pesto, all different sizes and shapes, which makes a nice and playful ensemble together. Having at least 5 I started painting them. I tried different techniques. And found out that the best way to get a nice effect with the candle light inside is to add some water to the paint, and dry it with a hair dryer.
After you’ve painted them, twist an iron wire around the top of the jar, so you can hang them. I  just put some nails in the wooden beam that’s above my kitchen bar and hang them on there.  Some nice cinnamon candles in there and done! Simple as that. :)

© by Hyperjulia

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Pictures walls.. How I love those! In every room I slept or lived, I had a wall dedicated to my analogue pictures, posters and other images that inspire me. I really like having a place in a house like that. It brings so much more personality and authenticity to your home. Especially combined with little things like street treasures, souvenirs necklaces etc.





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