In continuation of my previous post where I was talking about the rediscovery of chicory and beetroot, I now share with you a gorgeous and healthy salad I’ve put together last week.
So I had those beetroots left in my fridge.. what to do with them? I knew they’re actually really good in combination with a salad and salmon. Got myself a whole bunch of tasteful ingredients and added them all together into a salad.
I really like salt and sweet combined in a dish. To create a nice boost of different tastes, I added some spice and other herbs as well. Eventually my basket was filled with; Apple, radish, beetroot, rocket, lettuce, smoked salmon and walnuts. Gotta say, those ingredients create a gorgeous colourful dish, if this doesn’t look tasteful!? I added a honey, mustard, dille dressing and in less than 10 minutes it was ready to be eaten. There wasn’t a ripe avocado in the store but it would’ve been a nice add too.

Full plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade

Detail plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade
Recipe for 2 persons:

– radish
– rocket
– lettuce, any kind you prefer
– beetroot
– a sweet and soft apple
– smooked or raw salmon
– walnuts

– honey 1 tbsp
– oil 1tbsp
– salt
– pepper
– dille  1/2 tsp
– mustard 1 1tbsp

I’ve cut the apple in small parts and boiled it for a few minutes in water to get them a bit soft. Slice the beetroot and grill it for a few minutes together with the apple. Let it cool off a bit.
Cut the salmon and radish in parts and put in a bowl or on a plate together with a nice amount of rocket, lettuce, walnuts and the grilled apple and beetroot. Crunch the walnuts and spread them on top.
Put all ingredients for the dressing in a bowl or little bottle, stir/shake until oil and the rest are blended nicely together and than spread over the salad.
Easy as that, ready to eat!

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Lately I’ve been trying out some new dishes.
A few weeks ago I was wondering around in the supermarket. A little num after a hard working day I was passing all the vegetables and stopped to walk back and see these beautiful chicories laying there.. I realised I hadn’t cooked chicory in like a year! Such a gorgeous  vegetable.. How could I forget their existence?  I challenged myself and bought a couple of them to make a new dish with.
Now it wouldn’t be me to just cook them with a little sugar and eat them just like that. So I made a nice grilled vegetable plate out of it by adding some pear, red onions, honey, oil, salt and pepper.

It turned out the be very tasteful and certainly am keeping this on my food list. Now I also realised I never ever eat beetroot. I just don’t like it that much I guess.. and you’re not able to find them uncooked/fresh and in other colours that easily. But what if I experiment with that vegi ass well? So I did and added this to the chicory, onion, pear and honey grill plate. A perfect add.

Now when buying a pack of 4 cooked red beetroots.. you’ll have to eat them throughout the few following days, because I’m not gonna put 4 of those in a dish haha.. so I ended up using them in the follow up dishes that week as well and tried out some other new things. Stay tuned for those to be put up on the blog soon as well!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Recipe for 2 persons:

– 2 x chicory
– 1 pear
– 1 big red beetroot
– 1 red onion

– honey (1 table spoon)
– Olive oil (1 table spoon)
– peper
– salt

Make sure you cut out the middle and bottom part of the chicory to prevent it from a strong bitter tast. Wash and cut all leaves through half in the length. Cut all the rest of the veggies in parts and put it all on one plate. Add the honey, oil, salt and pepper and put in the oven for like 20 min on 220 degrees Celsius. You can also grill it in a grill pan, goes a little quicker.

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In my previous post I talked about Leila’s shop in London where they served me a delicious salad. I tried to remake this salad back home last week, with my own twist.

At first, there was no red lettuce to be found around here, so I changed that to red cabbage. Next to that I added rocket and green lettuce.

I baked a quarter  pumpkin in some butter with salt and put it in the oven for about 25 min. You don’t have to erase the skin of the pumpkin, just make sure to wash it first though. You know the pumpkin is ready when it’s nice and soft all the way through.
After getting it out of the oven and having this rest for a bit, I mixed it with the salad and added a fair amount of goats-cheese, hazelnuts and honey. You can add some (red-)onion for some bite and spice, but be careful not to put in to much, the taste easily  dominates.
Not a vegetarian and craving for some meat? I added some grilled chicken myself but not that necessary because of the different sorts of taste already in the salad!

cutting the pumpkin

cutting the cabbage

cabbage, lettuce and hazelnuts

final plate!

time for a bite!

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It’s been already 2 weeks since me and my dear Canadian friends where visiting each other in London.Time flies! On my last day of my stay we went for lunch at Leila’s shop, near Bricklane in Shoreditch. On Calvert Avenue to be specific.

I didn’t know this place, but Elyse went here before. Why we went to this place specific? Well it has a great story. There is this tiny lunchroom, with an open kitchen. A cook with flaxy grey hair is preparing the food, there’s a waiter, it could have been anyone really, and Leila herself.

The story that comes with the shop is Leila McAllister’s philosophy: providing excellent food. The meals are inspired by the way people cook in East Europe. With meats from Poland and vegetables as pumpkins, potato’s, courgettes and aubergines they try to be as creative as possible and make different meals out of it every time.


shop entrance

Now next door, Leila has a little shop where she sells all ingredients and products used in the restaurant. This way you can buy your meal next door to make it yourself at home. Buy the french knife you have to cut your fresh fruits with you ordered, the herbs on your salade, green oranges, or the lovely fresh bread. Well you get it.. A great place to have a nice and healthy breakfast, lunch or just a coffee or tea.

inside shop, tins

veggies at Leila's shop


Leila McAllister herself!

table accessories

I love the overall look of the shop, great colours, retro style and materials like rough wood, crates, sackcloth, tins and she definitly picked the perfect table accessories. Great experience, loved it!

Elyse, canadian bestie

Leila's lunchroom kitchen

counter, flowers and glasses

pumpkin lettuce salad


I myself had a salad with red and green lettuce, pumpkin, hazelnuts and goats-cheese. A gorgeous simple and heavy salad. My friend Elyse went for the stuffed frittata with a small side salad. Really tasty! I Actually remade the salad myself when I got back home, will put a recipe online soon.
Leila’s shop doesn’t have its own website but you can follow on facebook here.

portrait Me

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#01 Sunset in our new home #02 vintage flower shirt #03 our ‘indoor stairs garden’ is doing pretty well
#04 Fresh salmon with homemade pesto genovese pasta, zucchini, rocket, pine nuts and tomato’s #05 Frank Ocean concert #06 Homemade vegetarian pizza with goatcheese
#07 Bleached my hair, I’m a redhead now! #08 I made indonesian saté and sajoer beans #09 So many b-day’s this month!
#10 Pitch festival #11 the morning after in Amsterdam trying to wake up with a cup of tea #12 ready to chill out in the Westerpark
#13 English Sangria, perfectly fresh and sweet for a summer day  #14 yinyang #15 Organic bracelets


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I had a fun weekend. I’m used to not really have a weekend since I mostly work 6 days a week and have plenty enough other useful stuff to do. But this weekend I planned to spend time with my friends and do fun stuff. One of my friends recently got home from traveling for almost half a year, so we had to catch up and do some dancing! And so my friend from Refreshbug joined us as well, and stayed over. And what to do on a cold, dark and hungover Sunday? Yay, bake a healthy banana-carrot cake!

I love cookies but I need to stop eating those if I want to be able to wear my bikini again this summer. So we decided to bake something that is tasteful, heavy and healthy at the same time!

It’s just 125gr flour, baking powder, 115gr of melted (soy)butter, 2 eggs, 3 banana’s, 3 carrots, a hand full of raisins, walnuts and cinnamon. We literally didn’t use any sugar preparing this cake!
We mixed the carrot, banana’s, melted butter and eggs with a machine. After making a nice batter you just add the rest bit by bit and stir it with a spoon. In the oven for 50 min (180°C) and done! There’s your healthy breakfast or replacement for cookies and cake.

Last week I made another carrot banana cake, and added some cardamom and 2 apples as well. Tastes even better and a bit sweeter!





Wait, wait, wait for 50 minutes…  (look at that cute face of her!)





© Juliette van Oorschot


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A dish that I just Had to share with you!..

You probably wouldn’t believe this.. but before I never ever cooked a couscous meal. I got inspired by my friend Mirte who made me and my friends this amazing meal a few weeks back. She used plums in her dish, and I love fruit in food that’s all spicy and salty..
So I decided to prepare a couscous meal myself. I just bought some ingredients I thought would make a nice and robust ensemble.

What?  Chicken legs – (red)Onion – Zucchini – Plums – Apricots
Herbs: Cinnamon – Parsley – Morrocon Herbs (turmeric,coriander,paprika,caraway,salt,sugar) – salt -garlic

I don’t really work with recipes or something, just add the herbs like you think is fine. I threw some cinnamon and moroccan herbs on the chicken, baked it in a pan with the onion and some olive oil and after e few minutes added the zucchini.

steamed chicken

plumes and couscous

adding some herbs and fruits

Ater 5/7 minutes when the chicken has a nice crispy layer, add water so the chicken is at least half way under and gets steamed. Put a lid on the pan and leave to cook for about 10 min.
I added a hand full of (dried) plums, apricots and parsley and left it cooking for another 10 minutes.
Prepare the couscous like your package says.. and in 30 minutes your done!


adding some sheepcheese


ready to eat!

I had some sheep-cheese in my fridge so I added some of that as well, tastes quite nice! You can totally use feta/goats-cheese as well, or add some other ingredients like mango, peas, beans maybe or change the zucchini to broccoli.

Candle light dinner

I was quite happy with this meal, enjoy if you want to try yourself as well.. and if any questions just leave a comment!

 © Juliette van Oorschot

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