For my admission on the AMFI  next week, I made a fictitious magazine that shows some of my work and the way I work with photo and typography.  The minor is about ‘independent fashion magazines’ and I thought this would add something good to my work that I’m going to show that day.

Hope you like it!

click here to see the digital version of the magazine –> Aware 01 photo-issue(Just click on the corners to switch pages)
Do you have a small display? this is a smaller version –> Aware 01 photo-issue (small)

Special thanx to Alexander & Rik.



  1. Esther says: November 9, 20102:04 pm

    Meer meer meer!!!

    • hyperjulia says: November 9, 20102:07 pm

      aah.. ik heb geen tijd om er meer in te doen! moet echt naar de drukker :P

  2. Muki says: November 16, 20102:34 pm

    Looooooooove the title for your magazine.

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