So after Thailand, and more than a week in Vientiane and Vang Vieng, I’m now staying in Luang Prabang with Minne, Thomas and 2 English guy’s they met in Thailand before. It’s very nice here! People are much more friendly, speak better English and are actually looking for conversation to better their English.
Vientiane has been nice, although it’s a very small town as a capital of the country. Most fun was outside the town, driving on a scooter (yeah, actually had my first ride on a scooter) to the Buddha Park on a dirt road for like 45 minutes. It probably doesn’t sounds like fun, but it actually is. Driving trough all the small villages where you actually see the way they’re living is so amazing. Cows cross the street constantly, you have to stop for every dog when driving the scooter, and kids are waving from the sides of the roads everywhere, which is lovely!

Vang Vieng is a different story though, it actually is a village where people go tubing on the river from bar to bar and use zip-lines to get into the river, but it is quite dangerous and people die there every now and then from accidents being on alcohol etc. We did check it out for like an hour just to see what’s going on there, and it was actually pretty fun to just see, but not really our cup of tea. A much better thing we did was renting a scooter again (yeah, this time with gears) and drove to a cave with a lagoon which was amazing! We couldn’t go to far into the cave, since it was without a guide and just a head light, so after a nice trip, went back down and had a quick swim in the blue lagoon water. Later on we went back by scooter and stopped on the way to climb up another hill to see the sunset. That was a bit of a bigger and more dangerous climb we thought it was going to be, but the view on top was just wonderful with the orange/pink sun!

We had to actually drive through some villages, and I think that part of riding scooters outside the cities is just the most amazing, since you really get to see how the people actually live, and what they have to do during the day.

Now in Laung Prabang, we went to the Kuang Si waterfall, which until now was the most beautiful things I’ve seen. The nature here is just sooooo beautiful, green/blue water, palm trees, and flowers. It actually looked fake, couldn’t believe it was just the nature without anything or partly being made or being fake.

After Luang Prabang I’ll have to head to Vietnam, my visa will run out, and since I can’t get any money myself here, but really want to move on and don’t want to bother my friends by sticking around with them, I just have to leave and get ready for my next journey travelling alone again!




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  1. anja says: March 29, 20126:17 pm

    hoi Juliette ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit we hopen dat je een geweldige tijd daar hebt geniet met volle teugen van Azië


    tante Anja

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