After some quality -beach, eating, tailoring, sunbathing, sleeping and wondering around – time, we left Hoi An after 5 days. With pain in our hearts, because we all loved this town very much. Unfortunately, the rest of Vietnam isn’t like this, so we had to get back into the towns and cities stuffed with motorbikes, cars and street sellers again.
And so we took the sleeper bus to Nha Trang. Well not much sleeping for me because of the bumby roads that kept launching me in the air. But well and awake around 5 in the morning, looking out the window while the sun was rising, I’ve absolutely seen the most beautiful landscapes and scenery. Endless rice-fields, crowds of fishermen boats, small fruit markets, clouds covering the tops of the mountains, funny looking huts and so on.
I expected Nha Trang to be a village with the most beautiful beach of Vietnam and some nice bars, but it’s not. Well it does have a ‘nice’ beach and bars, but it’s big! And it has loads of hotels, skyscrapers and not that much cultural stuff to see actually.
The first day started off quite well, had some nice beach time in the morning, wondered around in the afternoon and went for drinks, where I ended up dancing and getting free drinks all night long, forgetting I had to get up again at 8 in the morning again for a ‘booze cruise’. Well a booze cruise from 8.30 to 4.30 can’t be really a ‘booze cruise’ as we expected. We did have some nice (hungover) time, snorkeling, sleeping on the beach, jumping off the boat, and getting a private concert by Asians dressed up as lady boys, and weird dancing Russian women. But unfortunately the fun ended after lunch when I was getting (sea)sick, and eventually ended up having a bad fever. So from 2 days back until now, I’m skipping the free buckets, cocktails, shots and sunbathing time and unfortunately have to trade it for eating bread with jam (yes as dinner), salads and my bunk bed from where I’m writing this right now. It wasn’t my plan to stay in Nha Trang for more than 2 nights, but didn’t think it was a good idea to get on a bus to Saigon for 11 hours this night while style having stomach aches, head aches and fever. So taking the bus tomorrow evening and just keep hanging and sleeping around here in Nha Trang and hopefully feel better tomorrow!
Found out today that I only have 9 days left on my 30 days visa (wow, my plan was to be here for 2/3 weeks, but it’s going to be almost a month eventually). So Saigon is still on the planning to visit next (had to skip Dalat as next destination) and than probably one village in the Mekong Delta and than have to move on Cambodia (yeah, looking forward to that as well!)

Some party pics from Hoi An




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