Asian people where staring at us from the outside like we where monkeys…

We reached another busy city, just like Bangkok and Han Oi.. Saigon. The correct name for the city now is Ho Chi Minh City, named after their ‘hero’, when the war ended. But I prefer Saigon, little shorter and easier hihi.
So we arrived in Saigon 2 days back with the sleeper bus, which again was a nightmare. Shouldn’t go on an 11hr during bus ride when you’re still sick but ok. Again survived it and caught up some sleep in the morning in our 9 bed dorm (with a really nice seat, 2 showers and much more).
Saigon on a sunday is nice. Not that much traffic, not that many stalls and people on the street… But that certainly is different on normal weeks day like this monday. And so we went for a very long walk from district 1 to Chinatown, and that didn’t go without flaws. Actually the day already started off weird. I wanted to get some breakfast, but when I came down and wanted to leave the hotel, the gates where locked. No idea what was going, there wasn’t any other way to get out of the hotel, so guess I just had to wait. Asian people where staring at us from the outside like we where monkeys, and after 10 min our hotel boss (which for sure isn’t the most nicest woman) returned with a big smile on her face. She just went for some groceries, and couldn’t care about us having to go somewhere, so she just thought she could lock us in….. Well alright?!
Had some breakfast eventually and went for the walk to Chinatown as I said before. Crossing the streets here isn’t as easy as in Europe or western countries at least. They do have crosswalks, but nobody stops for them if you want to cross, even if you’re already on the middle of the street. So with millions of motorbikes and taxi’s driving like fools on the road, you have to find the perfect moment to cross, or just walk.. ‘the Amalie’ method. And that sometimes doesn’t really work. The first big flaw, were 2 guys on a motorbike trying to steal Amalie’s bag. They did grab it, but she was stronger, “M*ther f*cker”. Flaw number one. Than when we almost reached the market in Chinatown, we had to cross one more road. Amalie as the first to cross, steps on the road an instantly hits a motorbike driver, and both end up laying on the street. Well eventually, nobody was hurt or wounded and the motorbike still worked, so survived flaw number two.
Had lunch at KFC, omg my first KFC burger in my life, and the first junkfood in 1,5 month. And of course wondered around the market in Chinatown, which eventually just was another market like you have them everywhere, with pilled up shoes, clothing, towels, food… and rats.

I haven’t been talking many pictures here in this city unfortunately, because I don’t feel really save walking around with my SLR on the street. So just took it with me for 1 day.

Today, we’re just going to wonder around another market again, to find some souvenirs. Saw some really nice big necklaces, where I’ve been searching for from day 1 of my trip, so really need to get myself one of those.
Leaving Saigon tomorrow morning to head to the Mekong Delta, and than have to hurry to Cambodia because my visa runs out in 5 days!







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