Yay, time to celebrate hyperjulia.com’s second anniversary!

As I said just one year back ‘Something that started off as a diary blog for my internship, but soon transformed to a blog that shows my style, things I’m inspired by, stories and adventures I want to share and stuff I make and do for living.’
Throughout the past year stuff has changed a bit. I graduated, been away for 4 months to travel trough South East Asia, and got a small interest shift where fashion has become a more spread thing to me and interior got a bigger accent on my blog.

Views keep rising and more and more people comment mostly in real live about stuff I do, which gives me courage and more drive to share stuff with you! And I couldn’t do this without my dear friends that help me take pictures for my outfit posts.
I made a summary of the moments and outfits that where most important this past year at Hyperjulia.com
And let’s hope for an even better and more successful 3rd year ha? ;)





  1. Valery says: October 14, 20129:54 am

    Vooral door blijven gaan!

    x Valery

    • hyperjulia says: October 15, 20126:18 am

      Dankje Valery! x

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