Past saturday my sis and I went to the ‘Stedelijk Museum’ together with our parents. A so-called ‘day out with the family’.
The museum has been closed for quit a few years for a renovation. Right now the building has an old part and a really cool modern part attached to it. Lots of people call it the ‘bad tub’ right now since it kind of looks like it haha. Well, a massive one though! I was impressed by the size while walking towards the building.
The museum has different halls, with different kinds of art. The first part is mostly modern and conceptual, which I don’t really like that much.. and neither does the rest of my family, so we didn’t waste too much time looking at for example an ensemble of trash-bins and lava lights. The part with the ‘old’ paintings is nice, they have some real master pieces there, like paintings from Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Mondriaan, EL Lissitzky, Braque and so on…
The exhibition I liked most is where they show ceramics, jewelry, furnitures and graphic imprints all from around the 60 till now. I wasn’t able to make nice pictures there unfortunately.

© Juliette van Oorschot



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