Walking the streets, you might have noticed more and more people are getting a nose piercing.. not only girls, guys as well!
While traveling I met lots of australian guys and half of them already had a nose ring, but the hype is slowly spreading through Europe now as well. I myself got one last year, and like to see some people are joining me in getting one.

I collected some images that might inspire you (or change your opinion about them) oh and the last photo is me hahah..
Would you get one?

 Sources found through Pinterest



  1. MySuperSweetLife says: November 22, 20128:38 am

    Ik zou er zelf niet een nemen maar vind het wel mooi staan!
    Wat heb jij trouwens een leuke blog. Ik ben je met bloglovin gaan volgen. Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

  2. Ana Jonessy says: December 28, 20153:45 am

    I had a nose ring many years ago but I kept losing the stud so I kinda gave up on it haha. But the itch is back and I’ll probably get it done today or tomorrow. (:

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