Here it is.. the first outfit shared with you this new year! I thought it was time to show you some nice new items.. and of course some changes like the purple hair I just dyed, the hair cut and the noise ring.

All items here I never shared with you before. I recently bought this coat from Zara. It was a true search to find a coat that was warm, fashionable and ‘me’ at the same time. After a search on the internet without much success it took me a day browsing through all the stores in Eindhoven. I eventually came back for the first coat that caught my eye. And if I’m happy with it? Hell yes, it suits everything and is warm as well.. worth the search for sure.
This army green beanie, as well as a same one I have in dark blue, are two of my favourite items this winter. I love to wear beanies, as you all know! My hair gets a little thin and fluffy in this time of year, so a nice ‘cover-up’ as well haha.

What’s your favourite item of this season?

© Juliette van Oorschot

Zara coat & leggings
H&M vest, shirt, bag and nailpolish
Creeper shoes
New Era beanie/toque
Asos rings



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