A dish that I just Had to share with you!..

You probably wouldn’t believe this.. but before I never ever cooked a couscous meal. I got inspired by my friend Mirte who made me and my friends this amazing meal a few weeks back. She used plums in her dish, and I love fruit in food that’s all spicy and salty..
So I decided to prepare a couscous meal myself. I just bought some ingredients I thought would make a nice and robust ensemble.

What?  Chicken legs – (red)Onion – Zucchini – Plums – Apricots
Herbs: Cinnamon – Parsley – Morrocon Herbs (turmeric,coriander,paprika,caraway,salt,sugar) – salt -garlic

I don’t really work with recipes or something, just add the herbs like you think is fine. I threw some cinnamon and moroccan herbs on the chicken, baked it in a pan with the onion and some olive oil and after e few minutes added the zucchini.

steamed chicken

plumes and couscous

adding some herbs and fruits

Ater 5/7 minutes when the chicken has a nice crispy layer, add water so the chicken is at least half way under and gets steamed. Put a lid on the pan and leave to cook for about 10 min.
I added a hand full of (dried) plums, apricots and parsley and left it cooking for another 10 minutes.
Prepare the couscous like your package says.. and in 30 minutes your done!


adding some sheepcheese


ready to eat!

I had some sheep-cheese in my fridge so I added some of that as well, tastes quite nice! You can totally use feta/goats-cheese as well, or add some other ingredients like mango, peas, beans maybe or change the zucchini to broccoli.

Candle light dinner

I was quite happy with this meal, enjoy if you want to try yourself as well.. and if any questions just leave a comment!

 © Juliette van Oorschot



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