A while back, me and my friend Marlie did a photoshoot with Dj and Producer Cursed P. There were some press photo’s needed and so he asked us to do a photoshoot.
Concepting, shopping, styling, shooting and editing.. Marlie and I did all this together. We added a voodoo theme since.. well you get the artist’s name right? Nothing more to explain I guess. We dug into our basements and thrift stores to find awesome accessories and voodoo like stuff. After a great day of shooting in both studio and forest this is the result of one photo-range, and and few more to follow.

Cursed-P red smoke 01

Cursed-P red smoke 03

red smoke 02

Cursed-P red smoke 05

Cursed-P red smoke 04

red smoke 01

© Juliette van Oorschot






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    […] follow up of a previous post. Another photoset of the pressphoto shoot Mmarlie and I did for DJ and Producer Cursed P. […]

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