A real home is different from all those beautiful interiors you find in f.e. catalogs and magazines.
Although I would love to have a neat and calm house like those styled photographed interiors, I really like these pictures shown under here that I collected. These interiors feel like home. You can see how it’s cozy and alive.
Many different colours, furniture that’s not all perfectly matchy matchy, and the amount of stuff people actually have.

I really like stuff or furniture having its own spot or place in the house so I know where to find it, and if it’s always there, it’s not distracting. But putting only a chair, table, lamp and floor carpet in a living room won’t make me happy. Yes it’s neat and calm.. and it gives my air to sit down and relax.. but I prefer coziness and  a certain of colour over that.

Sources: #01-02 Desire to Inspire  #05 Aerostudios #06-07 Design Love Fest (#03-04 through Pinterest)



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