Last Thursday I randomly had a morning and afternoon off. I mostly work during the whole week, so when finding out I had a free day I thought.. “what the h* am I going to do!”
Well I woke up early because of the bright sunbeams shining on my face. Started off with some exercises and a healthy smoothie breakfast. Finding myself cleaning the house after that and decided I should go and finally buy myself some stuff at IKEA. So that’s what I did. Jumped on my bike and after a 15 minutes bike ride, I walked through an almost empty store and got myself those tiny cacti plants I’ve been wanting to have for so long! Ow and a tobacco plant with the height of more than a meter.. jup I managed to get it all save home by bike. I can tell, it was fun riding my bike, the plant blocking the view a bit, but ow did I feel like mother earth haha. Anyways, I’m happy with my new plants like a little child with a new toy.
I recently bought myself some vintage tins, already thinking about filling those with cactuses. Found them all at a second hand night market. An events that takes place once a year in Tilburg, and manages the whole city centre to be full of people selling their stuff on the streets. A great concept for a night out with friends for sure!
Planting the cacti left me with some needles in my hands though but guess that’s part of the deal right! And to finish my afternoon off, I had a nice chill session at the city park. Days like this make me happy!

2013-06-06 12.36.18_small








me in the park

© Juliette van Oorschot



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