Like I said before in a previous post I was going to do some new DIY projects. This is one I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. Luckily I found this secondhand jeans jacket and African Vlisco fabric just in a quick hunt last week. Just browsed through Emmaus thrift store and found this grey jeans jacket. I actually already have a few of these jackets, but thought this one actually has a better colour to combine with an ethnic print. And lastly when searching for some sort of African patterned fabric, I came across this Vlisco piece. Never thought I would actually find something I specifically was searching for.

Vlisco is a factory here in the Netherlands that designs and makes fabrics for African countries. It’s high quality and they make the most gorgeous geometric, ethnic and colourful prints and patterns.

Here’s a short photo report of the steps I took while applying the fabric to the back of the jacket.

IMG_9024_v0.1Searching for the right position and piece of the fabric


IMG_9030_v0.1Placing the fabric on the jacket with needles. (tip: point them all in the same direction so you can sew all sides in one go)



IMG_9070_v0.1I’m very satisfied with the end result! What do you think?

© by Juliette van Oorschot




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