Finally! It’s time for a holiday.. since my travel trough Asia I haven’t been out of the country at all. I was craving for some free time, fun and friends. So I decided to hop over to England and join my Canadian bestie at the London Tattoo Convention. I’ll be staying a few days with an other Canadian friend and travel buddy, and yes big reunion an other travel buddy from England as well.

I’m so enormously excited! Right now I’m in the bus (yup, took the bus instead of flying, super cheap and fun as well!) thinking about all the fun stuff we’re about to do.. I have been on a shopping diet for ever now, so I’m allowed to do some (vintage!) shopping in London and spice up my winter wardrobe a bit :)

The fact that I’m traveling on my own always feels a little scarry, but so good and free at the same time! Reminds me of backpacking.. man I want to go do that again so badly! But oke, London for now. Hope to have some great nights out with my Canadian galls!

For now I’m gonna have to leave you with this, and I’m gonna try and share so nice photo’s with you the coming days. And for daily photo’s follow my instagram account!




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