Last weekend I attended the London Tattoo convention together with my Canadian friend Elyse. We worked all 3 days but made sure we were also able to check out some artwork done by the best tattooist from all over the world and get ourselves some drinks at night. Have to say it was a great experience. Wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s really inspiring looking around. There are some many different sorts and ways of tattooing. Most people are tattooed all over from head to toe, but still it can be very interesting if you’re not covered in ink, to look around and get inspired. The building by itself is a great experience to work through as well. London has such great architecture if you love old dock buildings!
Here is a small photo report of our experience. I spotted some real cool graphics, fashionable men (tattooed obviously!) and painful situations as well!

tobacco dock

tattoo art


tattoo art

male 02

male 01

male 03

male 05

male 04

male 06 & 07

arm tattoo's

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