In my previous post I talked about Leila’s shop in London where they served me a delicious salad. I tried to remake this salad back home last week, with my own twist.

At first, there was no red lettuce to be found around here, so I changed that to red cabbage. Next to that I added rocket and green lettuce.

I baked a quarter  pumpkin in some butter with salt and put it in the oven for about 25 min. You don’t have to erase the skin of the pumpkin, just make sure to wash it first though. You know the pumpkin is ready when it’s nice and soft all the way through.
After getting it out of the oven and having this rest for a bit, I mixed it with the salad and added a fair amount of goats-cheese, hazelnuts and honey. You can add some (red-)onion for some bite and spice, but be careful not to put in to much, the taste easily  dominates.
Not a vegetarian and craving for some meat? I added some grilled chicken myself but not that necessary because of the different sorts of taste already in the salad!

cutting the pumpkin

cutting the cabbage

cabbage, lettuce and hazelnuts

final plate!

time for a bite!

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