This link DOC25 – It’s in the Sky is a short documentary. “At a time that women seem to be centipedes in the area of ​​work, family and beauty, there arises a new vogue that is seemingly simpler, more sober and pragmatic than ever.” It’s a 30 mins video and I recommend it to not only the women of style but everybody, to get you understand each and others styles a bit more. Next to that it let to what I’m writing about here in this post.

The reason why I want to share this short documentary with you is this. When watching, I kind of found out some things about myself, just by reflecting what the video is about. You see how they talk about women around their 30’s/40’s and how they dress. They all look kind of boyish, sober and still so beautiful. Now I have to really make clear I love this style and way of dressing. You look strong, independent, calm and still those women have a job, kids, a husband.. Now this style is formed because of a big need not having the time to stand in front of the mirror for hours, put on make-up, and wear uncomfortable garments. A perfect style for women that are busy.

And with that comes the reason why I’m charing this video. I’m a young woman in my twenties. I do not have a permanent job, I haven’t made a decision yet what to do for the rest of my live, I don’t have kids and I don’t have a husband either. Those factors kind of stipulate my style I guess. I’m still in search of what I want to be and become. I just graduated, do random stuff all the time, have no regular schedule and guess that really influences the ways I look as well. Sometimes I like the more bohemian style, sometimes it’s more r&b’ish and sometimes boyish. It’s because I don’t want to make a choice yet in how I want to look like and how I want to live. You have to make choices all the time, at this point in my life, they’re the most important as well.. so why make choices that don’t really matter that much right now? And save the energy for those which are more important. It’s a very visual way I guess to the world of the search I’m in myself. Not that I want to see the world I’m still in search, it just happens. Maybe until you come to a certain point you see the light.. that could be right now for me, since I understand myself a little bit more. But will see about that.


This economic crisis where we are in right now makes everything pretty chaotic. It’s a hell to find a good job, so in between freelance work and a part-time ‘student’ job (funny, since most of my friends all do student jobs and are all graduated, ironic isn’t it?) you have to apply for jobs and try to keep growing and keep moving forward and better in your working field to ever get a job at all. Now I see there’s a link between me being super confused what I want to do, and what I want to look like and carry out. It’s putting so much pressure on recent graduates, how can I ever have this ‘pragmatic, super secure, basic style’ when there’s nothing to be secure, sure and calm about, right? I don’t think having more than one specific style is a problem at all. It just happens to me, and maybe in a couple of years this has totally changed. For now, I just wear stuff that suits what I feel like that day.


Now there’s another reason why people like me wear more layers, jewelry, coloured hair, make-up etc. You see.. I would love to not wear any make-up, but since I am not a model with the perfect skin, long legs and proportions.. you need to shift the accents. So than it comes to a more carrying out style, putting your attention on details and style more than natural beauty. I guess that’s a thing that works for me. There are garments I would love to have, but just don’t suit my body, so I decide not to buy it, no matter how much I hate the fact that I see other people wearing it in which he or she does look nice. You see, a lot of good garments or just good style in general makes you so much more handsome, from the outside ofcourse. The way you dress just tells so much about your way of living, awareness of style and understanding the time you’re living in.

I guess I want to make these thoughts clear to my readers since I hear some people talking about the fact they don’t always get me, why I write about stuff, and think it’s all random. I write about stuff when it inspires me, when I think it might be nice for people to know about. And most importantly it’s about understanding myself, to have a place where I can write down my thoughts.
You can just go with the flow.. but for me writing down means reflecting and making sure I get where I ever want to be.



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