While getting inspired for a project I’m working on right now I ran into these images..
And since it has been a while I did an interior post, it was about time to share these new findings with you!


#1 Handwritings and walpaintings to me are always a good add. It gives the space a fun and playfull factor.
I love adding a carpet in a ‘commercial’ space. It gets so much closer to a cozy and homie feel.


#2 –


#3 I really like bricks and clean tiling next to eachother.
Although there aren’t any colours in contrast.. the structure and texture contrast give a nice feel to it.

knstrct.com Kith Cafe Singapore

#4 Welcome back Marble!! Need to give this trend some attention.
Marble has been kitschy for a long time, But.. It’s back! Offcourse you got to combine this with the right colours and texture not to make it kitsch again.
In this setting, it think it’s done very very well.

pop-up bar

#5 Not sure where to place the bar? Or is it a temporary thing? Just use crates or maybe old workingtables as a construction! Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?

superette.co.za 01

superette.co.za 02

superette.co.za 03

superette.co.za 04

#6 Tiling tiling tiling.. Pretty well exicuted here, combining it with light wood and concrete.
I might have added some darker wood myself cause now it looks all very light and clinic. But guess that’s a matter of opinion and choice.
Ow I like how they used yellow, it’s after all a pretty hard colour to use well.

#1 stan-co.nl #2 thedriftbar.co.uk #3 kaper22.blogspot.com.ar #4 knstrct.com #5 – #6 superette.co.za



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  1. Farah says: October 31, 20136:13 pm

    Goede smaak heb je :D.

    Mooie interieurs!

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