In my opinion, these are the garments that can not miss in a guy’s wardrobe this season.

#01 At first. The striped t-shirt won’t still disappear for a while.. it’s sexy and cute and makes you look like a sailor.
Get it! It’s a must.

#02 You can’t go without a jeans jacket.
I love the more unconventional ones like this Lee jacket with the sand collar.
Or the second Wrangler with Sherpa lining, perfect as an actual coat as well.
indigofera Denim
#03 Get yourself some shirts that match your jeans jacket. Blue or even jeans go perfect with another jeans shirt. www.bridgeandburn.com
#04 A hoodie or crewneck sweater that fits most clothing.. mja black I guess. Handy and you’ll always look nice in one like this.
#05 A pleated shirt.. thought they where forgotten? Try and wear it like this around the waste from time to time!
homme-models.com #06 A human, male or female can not go without a nice leather jacket.
And I’m a 100% pro long hair as well ;) can’t buy that though haha. 0bc54c2978eea4ff36d2a9d074ad6ae7
#07 Find yourself a cool hat! Lots of those to find in thrift stores, or check out Brixton.
(Does have to suit you, not all people can pull off this look) 6b53d4faec5b203c1c0eb968f04733bc
#08 Shirts always look good and neat.. but too cold for a shirt? Try a woolen or flannel one! It’s somewhere in between a jacket and shirt, so warm enough and the look of a more stiff fabric gives it a more sturdily touch. Wallace & Barnes CPO jacket
#09 winter comes with boots. Altough I’m a big fan of sneakers like roshe runs, free runs, vans etc. It gets cold and they don’t go so well with snow. Try and find some lace boots like this. They look the best when they’re a little bit worn out. No need to trow them away when almost fully scuffed.. just put a new sole under it.. polish them from time to time and they look as good as before!imaginale.pass.us/avestyles
#10 Yes men get used to their jeans.. and then they forget the fact that although you already have a few pairs or jeans you just have to get yourself some new ones sometimes! We get fed up with those old pairs of jeans.. new dark washed jeans look very good on all men. http://imaginale.pass.us/avestyles#11 this could be a summery of good items you’ll survive the winter with.
Don’t forget the backpack, it makes the men just like boots and jeans do.
Image sources and brands:  Asos – Wrangler – Lee – Indigofera – Bridge & Burn – homme-models – theneodandy – Wallace & Barnes – loneflag.co



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