As you might have noticed, there hasn’t been any new post up on my blog since the new year.

I decided to put my spare time and energy into some other purposes.
First of all I started working as a designer for a design bureau. It’s really cool, it’s the thing I’ve been studying and searching for over the past years, and I’m learning a lot. But it also causes me to not have that much time and excitement anymore to climb behind my computer again in the evenings after a day of work spended behind my computer for 8 hours.

Next to that, I’m working as a freelancer as well. And at one point you got to put work into money! So that’s what i’m doing right now.

I think there’s more in life than just computers, iphones and social platforms, so the more time I can spend without those things the better! Sporting and eating healthy grabbes my attention more and more too.. So there’s a little explanation for my ‘neglect’ of this blog.

For now it’s a break from my weekly schedule of blogging. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see here anymore! Stay tuned through my Facebook page for any new updates and if you want to keep being inspired, follow me on Pinterest. I’m pretty much still super active and addicted to that platform haha!



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