In continuation of my previous post I came up with a second outfit for the #MyVegasStyle challenge.
This time it’s an outfit for a diner date at Javier in the Aria Hotel. I choose a classy but stylish outfit, not too much.
I like putting accents on particular items like shoes and accessories. So I picked a basic tunnel skirt and striped shirt in combination with a pair of robust shoes, aren’t they cool?! I like hats, so why not add that.. ow and I found a cute little  necklace with an Las Vegas hanger, ain’t that cute! To add some colour and a touch of fanciness I added a burgundy, purple lipstick.
Let that dinner date begin!



outfit02_V2Would love to hear you thoughts on the outfit! Would you choose something totally different?

Stay tuned for the 3rd outfit! >> Party in Vegas!



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