Lately I’ve been trying out some new dishes.
A few weeks ago I was wondering around in the supermarket. A little num after a hard working day I was passing all the vegetables and stopped to walk back and see these beautiful chicories laying there.. I realised I hadn’t cooked chicory in like a year! Such a gorgeous  vegetable.. How could I forget their existence?  I challenged myself and bought a couple of them to make a new dish with.
Now it wouldn’t be me to just cook them with a little sugar and eat them just like that. So I made a nice grilled vegetable plate out of it by adding some pear, red onions, honey, oil, salt and pepper.

It turned out the be very tasteful and certainly am keeping this on my food list. Now I also realised I never ever eat beetroot. I just don’t like it that much I guess.. and you’re not able to find them uncooked/fresh and in other colours that easily. But what if I experiment with that vegi ass well? So I did and added this to the chicory, onion, pear and honey grill plate. A perfect add.

Now when buying a pack of 4 cooked red beetroots.. you’ll have to eat them throughout the few following days, because I’m not gonna put 4 of those in a dish haha.. so I ended up using them in the follow up dishes that week as well and tried out some other new things. Stay tuned for those to be put up on the blog soon as well!

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Recipe for 2 persons:

– 2 x chicory
– 1 pear
– 1 big red beetroot
– 1 red onion

– honey (1 table spoon)
– Olive oil (1 table spoon)
– peper
– salt

Make sure you cut out the middle and bottom part of the chicory to prevent it from a strong bitter tast. Wash and cut all leaves through half in the length. Cut all the rest of the veggies in parts and put it all on one plate. Add the honey, oil, salt and pepper and put in the oven for like 20 min on 220 degrees Celsius. You can also grill it in a grill pan, goes a little quicker.



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