In continuation of my previous post where I was talking about the rediscovery of chicory and beetroot, I now share with you a gorgeous and healthy salad I’ve put together last week.
So I had those beetroots left in my fridge.. what to do with them? I knew they’re actually really good in combination with a salad and salmon. Got myself a whole bunch of tasteful ingredients and added them all together into a salad.
I really like salt and sweet combined in a dish. To create a nice boost of different tastes, I added some spice and other herbs as well. Eventually my basket was filled with; Apple, radish, beetroot, rocket, lettuce, smoked salmon and walnuts. Gotta say, those ingredients create a gorgeous colourful dish, if this doesn’t look tasteful!? I added a honey, mustard, dille dressing and in less than 10 minutes it was ready to be eaten. There wasn’t a ripe avocado in the store but it would’ve been a nice add too.

Full plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade

Detail plate - radish, beetroot, salmon salade
Recipe for 2 persons:

– radish
– rocket
– lettuce, any kind you prefer
– beetroot
– a sweet and soft apple
– smooked or raw salmon
– walnuts

– honey 1 tbsp
– oil 1tbsp
– salt
– pepper
– dille  1/2 tsp
– mustard 1 1tbsp

I’ve cut the apple in small parts and boiled it for a few minutes in water to get them a bit soft. Slice the beetroot and grill it for a few minutes together with the apple. Let it cool off a bit.
Cut the salmon and radish in parts and put in a bowl or on a plate together with a nice amount of rocket, lettuce, walnuts and the grilled apple and beetroot. Crunch the walnuts and spread them on top.
Put all ingredients for the dressing in a bowl or little bottle, stir/shake until oil and the rest are blended nicely together and than spread over the salad.
Easy as that, ready to eat!



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