Lately I’ve updated my portfolio with some new work. Mostly made while working at Superrebel, where I am a junior designer. I think it’s important to keep sharing my work and showing the world or anyone interested what I make and do.
It’s funny how I got rid of a lot of stuff that was in my portfolio that I made either during my study and freelancing and replaced it by much better work. It’s amazing how fast you can learn stuff and I really hope that will keep going on for quite a while because I’m surely not done learning yet! Too eager to just keep working within my own comfort zone I guess.

Well enough of that. Here some of my new projects I designed together with my colleagues at Superrebel.com

Suzannen_Showcase_V1-01 Craze_Showcase_01-01.png PHC_Showcase_V1-02 PHC_Showcase_V1-03 EVO_Showcase_V1-03



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