“Although stuff is made either horizontal, vertical or for a purpose to be seen always from one perspective.. doesn’t mean it can’t be more beautiful upside down, sideways or from any kind of angle”

You know, people almost always see things from the same angle.. but have you ever tried seeing things, or trying out stuff, different than what you’re supposed to?  Like sitting upside-down on your couch? Just because it’s designed to sit like we sit most of the times.. doesn’t mean we’re obliged to. And isn’t it fun to see your livingroom upside down? It’s like a whole new world!
When trying out those kind of things, you start to see more beauty and opportunities around you. I like to look up when I walk down a street, or take a closer look at an item and see if I can transform it to something different. A jar doesn’t have to be a jar per se does it? In my home a jar is a candle, planter or fruit juice cup.
What I‘m trying to say is that I like to think outside the box and recycle. And that’s what I do with my collages. There is no top or bottom, you can choose to see it the way you like. Try and see this page upside down or sideways.
Images are very much disposable these days, there are tons of them. We see them and when there’s a new series of f.e. a clothing season line we forget about the previous ones. I like to reuse and combine these images. Create a new story, make them last longer and therefor in a way get a bit extra respect as well. Recycling is the word!


Collage_Showcases_01-04 Collage_Showcases_01-03 Collage_Showcases_01-02 Collage_Showcases_01-05 Collage_Showcases_01-01



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