Alright, time for some travel blogging! It has been a while since I’ve travelled and I thought it was about time to get away for a bit again.

Last week I shared my adventures in New York with you. After my friends left to go back home I took the train and travelled from New York city to Montreal. A trainride that takes 10 hours and drives past tons of frozen lakes. An experience that is what I can tell to most relaxing ever! Since it just turned spring and it’s still freezing outside there aren’t any leaves on the trees nor green grass or flowerrs. That kind of made the whole scenery a bit grey and dead, but the sun was out and the lakes are amazing! I started reading ‘Into the Wild’ a story which I’ve seen the movie they made from a couple times. A book that inspires and make you overthink society and materialism over and over. Together with some Bon Iver music and a cup of tea I thought this train ride was just perfect!


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