The last and certainly not the least city I visited was Chicago. A city of which I only know its scenery from the series ‘Shameless’ and the cabaret movie ‘Chicago’.  A city that had to surprise me.. And damn well did. Cause Chicago is amazing!
I stayed right next to the Lincoln park in a perfectly clean and friendly hostel, with (for the first time during my travel) al lot of other travellers. I got there on a beautiful sunny day. And what is best to start of with exploring the city on my own? Right, time for a stroll down the Lincoln Park, from north all the way to down south. It even included a free entrance to the Zoo and Botanical Garden yay! Made my day! Ended with a stroll done the beach.. yes, there’s a beach! It’s a lake beach but still, the lake is so big it feels like an ocean.. and sat down one of the piers with an amazing view on the Gold Coast, the Manhatten of Chicago. To end this already perfect day I met some other travellers and spend some time with them going to Jazz/Blues bars the rest of the stay as well. One lovely English girl joined me while exploring the city for a couple days. Together we went to the John Hancock building, jumped in the elevator and got out at the 96th floor to splurge our money on a bottle of tempranillo wine and a gorgeous sunset view over the whole city. At that point my trip was just perfect.
Chicago is amazing for a couple of reasons really. People are friendly, it’s not super big, the metro is easy to travel with and the architecture is really gorgeous. The brownstones right next to more modern buildings create a pleasant scenery together with lots of trees and parks, and it’s situated right on the shore of lake Michigan. There’s a fair amount of good Jazz/Blues clubs and they can give you a wonderfull night out on any day of the week really. Lastly there is a lot of art and musea which makes the city really inspiring, educative and fun to walk around in. Vegetarian of vegan? Not a problem, literally any restaurant I went to had a vegan dish or pastry.

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  1. Charlotte says: October 23, 20156:01 am

    Beautiful pictures!! Great post! :)

  2. Ana Jonessy says: December 28, 20153:52 am

    Ahhhh your story and photos make wanna leave everything and take a one way ticket to Chicago! x

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