It’s been quite a while since I posted a wishlist online. I’ve been on a massive shopping diet lately. To be honest, I haven’t put a foot over the doorstep of H&M for like 2 maybe 3 months. I only bought 3 items at Zara because I needed some warm clothing for this winter, but next to that I’ve only spend money on food.
Why? I want to save money for a trip and a new tattoo. And since normally all the money goes to clothing and asseccories I thought it would be smart closing the tap of those costs. I thought it would be hard.. since I’m a shopping addict. But after traveling and being really busy with all kinds of stuff to earn money, I kind of stopt thinking about buying stuff and I don’t have time to visit the centre of the city either.
How? Just don’t walk into a store.. sounds hard but just walk past it and think of all the other things you can do with your money and what you’re it saving for. Avoiding the shopping streets isn’t so hard! Ow and don’t go and visit webshops either!
Today I took a quick look at Asos for some inspiration and made a small wishlist (for Christmas maybe ?). What do you think.. which ones to buy or not to buy?

All items from Asos.com

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– Take a breath, calm down, enjoy and dream away in your fantasy. –

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As most friends and readers may know, I love beanies.. I wear them myself quit often, and I love them tequally on the heads of men.
Here a few different styles of beanies to inspire you and prepare you for the cold to keep your head warm!

All images found through pinterest.


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It’s freezing cold in our little country.. so I’m in need of a warm winter coat! I collected some coat’s that I thought look pretty warm and nice. Which one to pick?

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A new interior ensemble made in my own house. I hope you enjoyed the first edition of this concept post.. (click here to see the first if you haven’t before).
I never really go search for something to decorate my house with, I just find stuff in f.e. thrift stores. It’s often that I just run into a cool suitcase, bag, side table or something really cheap and decide ‘on the spot’ if it would add something to my interior.
You sure know the quote that you should never look for something cause than you won’t find what you’re looking for.. guess that’s works for me. In a way I always find cool stuff randomly and that makes me really happy! The key? Just have a look at a thriftstore once in a while, and sure you’ll find some nice stuff the decorate you’re house with.

© Juliette van Oorschot

Step stool from IKEA, the top part I painted white myself.
Coffee cups I got from my grandma.
The camera bag and leather suitcase are vintage.
Leather shoes from Sacha Shoes

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All pictures collected from ‘The Sartorialist’
I was very inspired and surprised by these photo’s I found on the sartorialist. I had no idea how the fashion status was in South Africa.  These pictures made in Johannesburg (except from the last pic) show that they have some serious style!

How amazing the dark pink/purple suit looks on his beautiful and soft dark skin, don’t you think?
The socks plus the colour of the tie and blouse I think are a really cool combination with the suit.

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Another weekly post to show some damn nice male styles for this winter.
From long hair to short but wild hair.. from buns to beanies..  and from caps to sweaters and blouse.
Which style do you like most?

All images found through pinterest.
glamcanyon.com – The Sartorialistscotch-soda.comwitanddelight.tumblr 

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