I like jars..  most of my friend already know that. It’s so easy, you eat the food that’s inside them, clean them, get the label off.. and after a few months you have many different kinds of jars in the most beautiful shapes and sizes. Feta, olive and pesto jars are the best with their original shapes!
I sometimes collect them for when I might come up with an idea to do something with them. And so yesterday I was spray painting some stuff and thought Hey.. I could totally spray paint a few of my jars to use them as candles glasses.

I choose to paint them all at the same height, but you can do anything you want actually.
I bought spray paint that can be used on wood, glass, plastic, metal.. well, actually everything. Taped the parts that should not get painted and sprayed the bottom parts of the jars. After a few minutes they’re dry and you can use than right the way. Easy ha?

© by Hyperjulia

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I’ve been posting lots of interior inspiration posts the past weeks.. and this is a phase in my life where I’m in between interests. Do I want to work in the fashion and magazine industry as a graphic designer or do I want to work as a graphic designer and become more involved in interior styling/design and hope there will be a nice way to combine these interests and skills.
I’ve been noticing myself my interests right now are shifting more and more to interior and that’s of course the reason why I’ve been posting about that much more.
Interiors shown under here make me excited and enthusiast.. and in a way a bit jealous because I’m not (yet) at a point where I’m able to design stuff and places like this myself. It does give me a good goal or pursuit for the future to work to!

Would you have dinner at a place like this?


All images from different blogs. See sources in file names

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In continuation of the previous post, this outfit post while having a walk in the forest. An easy and comfy outfit, for a chilly but beautiful day.
H&M – Leather jacket, scarf, trousers, pullover
Vans – shoes

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I found this amazing interior at Emmas Designblogg from SÅLD Reimersholmsgatan.. It’s so light, neat and cozy at the same time. Love the white floor, it give so much calmness to a house, and with adding a floor carpet you bring back some coziness and homeliness.

Image sources from Emmas Designblogg

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A walk in the forest with my friend Marlie yesterday. We wanted to get some fresh air, clear our minds and search for some nice branches for a DIY. And so this post is a preview for the next outfit post and DIY post. I’ve been trying out my new 50mm lens the last few weeks and it’s so easy to shoot nice pictures with it! Love the field of depth.


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It’s was time to visit my favourite thrift store again. And like most times, I found some quite nice items to fill my closet with. This past week I found the jeans dress I’m wearing here. I totally love it, so easy to wear! The little light jeans part on the sac with the studs I attached my self, easy to remove again when I’m done with the studs.

Vintage (Emmaus) jeans dress
Bas Kosters library bag
Creeper shoes

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all images from different blogs (see links by scrolling over pic)

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