Time for a new outfit post since I promised I would post one every week, and last week already past, time flies! And promise is promise hey.. hihi
Well, I figured the jacket I’m wearing hasn’t been in an outfit post yet, but I’ve been kind of wearing it a lot this past week and it’s a piece that really reflects my style. So here it is, together with a simple and basic outfit and some silver coloured accessories. The jacket is pretty big and ponderous, which makes me look a bit tinier so I mostly wear it with heels, to add a girly touch. Had to put in some colour though, so I painted my nails in two tones of pink/red.

© by Hyperjulia

H&M – shoes, see trough blouse, vest, necklace & legging
Vintage, Think Twice (Antwerp) – Leather biker jacket
Asos – Rings

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Don’t these girls just look awesome? Love their looks!
Ow and btw, the girls in the first 4 pics have amazing hair don’t they?!
It’s really time for me to go to the hairdresser soon, because I’m bored by the way my hair looks right now, seeing and comparing with these looks under here.
Well, enjoy watching these pics :)

source: found them on different tumblrs, links under the picture.

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Love love love for colour use in interiors. I experienced myself that lots of people are scared to paint their walls, or in general are scared to use  bright colours in their interior. But looking at these images only gives more prove to me that it’s really nice to use colours, it gives a nice and fresh look to your house, and it makes you happy! Well at least it makes me happy! You can always choose to keep your walls and furniture in a calm or white/earthy tone and use accessories to boost it up. The good part of that.. bored with the colours? just change a few items and it can give it a totally different look, ambiance or feeling.
I myself would go for the turquoise wall with the bordeaux couch for sure! Love the contrast of those colours together and the ambiance.




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Jägerland line-up brengt Den Haag tot zomerse hoogte

 Nieuwe editie van de Jägerland Tour 28 juli in Den Haag

Het is zomer, het is warm, dus waarom zouden we binnen blijven? Precies daarom is de volgende editie van de Jägerland Tour bij F.A.S.T. Surfdorp (Free Architecture Surf Terrain) in Den Haag op 28 juli, anders dan bij eerdere edities, buiten! De line-up voor deze editie is alles behalve Haagse bluf. Zo staan o.a. Rats on Raft, Jan van Kampen en Nacho Patrol, of te wel Legowelt, klaar om een muzikale vloedgolf over het Scheveningens strand heen te laten rollen.

 Het weer werkt in Nederland misschien niet altijd mee, maar de lijn aan artiesten die paraat staan voor deze Jägerland editie zorgen gegarandeerd voor het ultieme zomergevoel. De avond wordt afgetrapt met de band Rats on Rafts, die om stipt 22.00 uur een live concert op het strand geven. Vervolgens verplaatst het feest zich naar binnen, waar Jan van Kampen (Dekmantel) met zijn deephouse de zwoele zomernacht laat beginnen. Nacho Patrol, een pseudoniem van de Haagse dj Legowelt, draait zijn Haagse handjes niet om voor een set ‘spaced out house discofunk uit Ethiopië’.  Daarnaast komen de broertjes van het Selamat Makan Soundsystem bewijzen dat de in een nieuw jasje gestoken hits van onder andere Nat King Cole en Elvis en het bereiden van snacks perfect samen gaan.

 De locatie die Jägerland voor deze editie aandoet is zoals de naam al doet vermoeden een vast adres voor surfend Nederland. Maar F.A.S.T. Surfdorp is naast een hostel, restaurant en bar ook een plek waar kunstenaars hun gang kunnen gaan en waar regelmatig hele goede feesten worden gegeven.

Kaarten zijn verkrijgbaar via inschrijving op de Facebook pagina van Jägerland. Aanmelden voor kaarten kan hier.

Overzicht info

Datum:                     Zaterdag 28 juli 2012
Locatie:                    F.A.S.T. Surfdorp, Scheveningen
Programma:           Selamat Makan Soundsystem, Rats on Rafts (Live in concert), Jan van Kampen (Dekmantel) en Nacho Patrol (Legowelt Live Band)
Doors open:            21.45 uur
Concert starts:        22.00 uur
Party starts:             23.00 uur
Doors close:           04.00 uur
Toegang:                 Gratis (alleen op inschrijving via Jägerland Facebook en Jagerland.nl)
Minimumleeftijd:   21

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My first outfit post back in The Netherlands. Feels so good to be able to wear al my clothing again! Went for a short shopping round trough the city with Marlie and decided to shoot some pics on our way.

Photo’s by Mmarlie

H&M – black jeans
Vintage – Blouse, sleeve holders & Leather bag
Vans – shoes
Necklace I bought in Vietnam

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Today I welkom myself back in the blogworld of fashion, lifestyle and interiour. Back from traveling and blogging about culture, beaches, monkeys and all the rest of the holiday stuff it’s time to get back to the subjects I used to blog about. And I’m stoked about it! I missed my wardrobe, shopping and browsing around for inspiration to blog about so much that I hardly know where to start with!
From now on I will be blogging more structured, and have some days dedicated to a certain subject. Interior posts stay on the thursdays and I will try to have one outfit post every once a week.
And my first question btw is.. How to dye my hair? It’s really light now since it’s bleached by the asian sun so that makes my hair easy to dye. I had orange as a dip dye a few times now, and I still like it.. But maybe a light pink all over, really dark on top (since I’m kind of tanned right now) or a greyish colour could be cool as well. Found some pics online that really inspired me. Which one do you think will suit me most?




This last photo I just have to share, blue for sure is not going to suit me, but I love it in Ivania’s (Love Aesthetics) hair!


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It’s a fact.. In 4 days I’m back in the cold, rainy and stressfull country I was born in. My 4 months lasting trip is coming to an end. A trip full of adventures, of meeting new and great people, of major culture differences, of poor and rich, sea, beach, waves.. And so on.
But also a trip of learning more about myself. I questioned myself a few thing before I left. Will I be able to travel by myself, have adventures and experience them by myself, eat in a restaurant by myself, get on a plane by myself..? Can I cope with my own problems by myself without being able to talk about it to my friends? Most questions I can answer with a Yes.
We people are not made to be by ourselves. We always search for people to surround us, give us love, happiness and advice. And yeah, most stuff you are able to do by yourself, what’s hard about being on a plane on your own, or a bus, a room? But till a certain point.. Once in a while stuff happens, and you need to share that with someone. I was lucky and grateful that I met so many people who listened to my stories, and shared opinions about that, because that’s what you need to become a better and richer person. Richer in the sense of being able to replace yourself in other people’s minds, thoughts and opinions.
One thing I’m sure about.. Traveling gave me a big load of confidence, independence, and world knowledge.
I saw beautiful things, I saw sad things, I’ve been to the most gorgeous places in the world and some that weren’t that interesting.. But putting those together made this trip a success and amazing.
Right now I’m staying in Kuta Bali. The most touristy place in indonesia with hardly any culture and nature, but the easiest place to meet people, go out, surf, shop and spend the last days of my trip on my own and with a few indonesian surf-buddy’s. Time for a quick surf session now. Next post will be typed from behind my desk back in my own apartment..





© by Hyperjulia

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