Loveeeee this Balmain Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Balmain’s fall will be all about boxy jackets, small pants and tight dresses.   The square and basic shapes together with the shiny feminine details (and especially the pieces with the light pastel/pink colours) make a great ensemble together. They worked with such nice patterns and shapes. A thing to notice is that the models barely wear any make-up, have their hair down (slightly messy) and walked around on their low(er) heels with their hands in their pockets. I very nonchalant way of showing this line, which gives it the effortless vibe that makes young women love the brand so much. Ending these words with an overall conclusion: “Stunning”


Photo’s by Team Peter Stigter

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I missed something in my home. Candles it where.

How to make you own hang candles by using jars? Well I will tell you. A while back I was thinking about the fact that I missed something in my home. Candles it where. But since I don’t want to spend much money on that sort of things, I decided to save all my jars. From jam, to apple-compote and pesto, all different sizes and shapes, which makes a nice and playful ensemble together. Having at least 5 I started painting them. I tried different techniques. And found out that the best way to get a nice effect with the candle light inside is to add some water to the paint, and dry it with a hair dryer.
After you’ve painted them, twist an iron wire around the top of the jar, so you can hang them. I  just put some nails in the wooden beam that’s above my kitchen bar and hang them on there.  Some nice cinnamon candles in there and done! Simple as that. :)

© by Hyperjulia

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Some other photo’s from Backyard Bill that I totally adore. In the first photo you see Emily Hope, she’s a professional photographer (see here her website). I totally LOVE here work and next to that her amazing tattoo’s and style. I’m really a fan of ‘outline’ tattoo’s without shading or colour like her’s. Should get myself a new one like that in a while again I guess.

 Emily Hope


  Kate Foley


 Julia Frakes

All images from Backyard Bill

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Pictures walls.. How I love those! In every room I slept or lived, I had a wall dedicated to my analogue pictures, posters and other images that inspire me. I really like having a place in a house like that. It brings so much more personality and authenticity to your home. Especially combined with little things like street treasures, souvenirs necklaces etc.





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All images by Team Peter Stigter.

Totally love this line by Dolce & Gabbana. It has some sort of Greek influence gathered with Romanian and French influences. They used lots of black, decorated with lace, golden beads, embroidery and accessories like belts, earrings and tiaras. But on the other hand also a lot of white and colourful flower prints. The line consists mostly of dresses, skirts and capes. Which gives this whole a very royal and elegant appearance.


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Maybe, it hasn’t been very clear yet that I loveeeee interior (design). It’s a thing that keeps me busy and I’m always in search for creative solutions to make my house unique and different from other (and mainstream) interiors. Unfortunately I don’t have my own house yet, live in a studio that I have to leave in a few months again, so I’m not putting all effort and money in this interior. But am collection nice furniture, fabrics etc (mostly retro, second hand or found on the streets) since I moved out at my parents’ house,  So can’t wait to have my own house and decorate it.

This is the first time I post something about interior. I questioned myself why I didn’t post about this earlier, since most of my finds on pinterest consist of images like I posted here?! Well, one day has to be the first, so I guess starting on the first day of a new month is perfect! Maybe I’ll make thursday the new ‘Interior’ day..

But ok, back to the post itself. Love these creative solutions and designs they made in the pictures under here.

How cool is this wall of plants! They created a garden indoors. Totally love it, a room full of fresh oxygen for sure.

Maybe you’ve seen pics of my closet before? Well, I really like hang racks like this for your clothing. It looks so much better than a closet and you can transform your clothing in a way it becomes decoration or art. See here the DIY project.

Ok, admit.. a swing in your living room, has to be a happy home, so much fun. Imagine having breakfast, reading a book, or listening to some music while swinging in your own living room!

Something I sort of had in my room before… fruit crates transformed to a nice vintage and country looking closet just by piling them up.

Ceramic plates on your wall. Something that used to be done many years ago with ‘Delfst Blauw’ plates. Now in a modern way with a print that overflows from plate to plate. And don’t the old lockers look cool?  Really like these and they’re very handy to hide small stuff in.

This makes me happy. colourful (I guess also fruit/vegetable) crates  used as drawers. An easy thing to make yourself if you’re a little handy with tools. You can make it as colourful if you want to be selecting your own colours.

A table made from pallets. It looks really stylish and chique panted in this anthracite (blueish/grey) colour.

All images found on Pinterest (all from different blogs)


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Some of the items from the Prada F/W 2012 fashion collection. Totally love all the colours and pattern combinations. Still like the dip-dye aswell (just had my hair dyed again yesterday, just like the model in the 4th pic). And aren’t the shoes just awesome? Especially the last (flat) ones, in the last picture.
And the catwalk and it’s show itself seemed to be a one of kind thing as well, like Masquerade Magazine says:
“The venue displayed ultra-modern LED lighting and a massive graphic plush purple carpet (to match the menswear’s red carpet runway), insinuating that some kind of modern day board game would be played out. The eerie music, like the models’ black eye make-up, slick straight hair (that appeared to have been dipped in paint), and overall attitude, was severe to say in the least.”

All images by Team Peter Stigter

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